March 22, 2023

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2 months Pogba: injury, 35 minutes of football, late and another injury

Ferrari bingo: watch any F1 Grand Prix like a true tifosi

Ferrari bingo: watch any F1 Grand Prix like a true tifosi

In February, we remembered  Paul Pogba: by that time he had not yet made his debut for Juventus after returning.

Not much has changed since then, although it has been a busy two months.

• Ironically, Pogba has only had three career free-kick goals: 2 at Juventus (both in 2015/16) and 1 at Manchester United (20/21). Apparently, that’s why he trains punches.

According to La Gazzetta dello Sport, the Frenchman will return in a month. The media adds that management will meet with Paul in the coming days and ask him to take a pay cut – Pogba must “take responsibility” for a bad season. In case of refusal, the club will put the player on the transfer or terminate the contract altogether.

No wonder: so far, a minute on the field costs the club 293,000 euros.

But the director of the Turin club, Francesco Calvo, denies the rumors:  

“I read that we decided to get rid of him – no way. Paul came to us as a boy and for him Juventus is family. We see how he manifests himself, and we are waiting for him on the field. We believe in him very strongly, otherwise we would not have signed a four-year contract.”