March 27, 2023

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207 people at the RPL match! 207! Bottom figure

Karpin’s teams often fail the second part of the season. Is this a myth or true

Karpin’s teams often fail the second part of the season. Is this a myth or true

The 19th round of the RPL opened with a sad spectacle. 207 people came to the game “Torpedo” – “Ural” in Khimki – another victory for Fan ID.

The Khimki Arena, which can accommodate 18,636 people, was slightly more than a percent full. Yearning. 

Photos that couldn’t have been better. 

This is one of the lowest attended matches in the history of elite Russian football. Fixing hopelessness.

•‎ Attendance was higher at 6 home matches of Torpedo-2 (playing in the Second League) this season! They play in Dolgoprudny at the Salyut stadium. 

•‎ The average attendance of Tambov in the RPL in the 2020/21 season was 4,759 people, which is 23.5 times more than at Torpedo-Ural. But the club played at the Mordovia Arena in Saransk – 400 km from Tambov.

•‎ Tosno, which played at Petrovsky in the 2017/18 season, gathered an average of 5,654 people at RPL home matches – 28 times more than at Torpedo – Ural.

• 1000 spectators gathered for the game of the First League “Shinnik” – “Rotor” in Khimki in 2020! Five times more than on the “Torpedo” – “Ural”. Although clubs from Yaroslavl and Volgograd played. 

• Metallurg Lipetsk (First League), which was forced to move to Khimki in 2021 due to the condition of its field, gathered 270 people for the game against Akron, and as many as 500 for the match against Tom. than “Torpedo” for the Saturday meeting of the RPL! 

• Less than a thousand spectators gathered at the Khimki Arena four years ago. In 2019, 740 people came to the Russian Cup quarter-final game between Arsenal and Orenburg. But it’s still 3.5 times more than on the “Torpedo” – “Ural”.

•‎ Only 8 FNL matches this season attracted fewer spectators, with half of the matches played at neutral venues. 

•‎ Russian sports federations rarely publish attendance figures for domestic tournaments, but, for example, the women’s handball club Baltiyskaya Zarya from St. Petersburg gathered 500 people this season against Rostov. 

•‎ 21 people gathered at the game between Rodina-2 and Kvant at the Spartakovets stadium this season. There is something to strive for!