May 28, 2023

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30 most downvoted posts of 2022

High Angle View Of Various Sport Equipments On Green Grass

You already know the winner.

We continue to sum up the results of 2022: we have already collected the best comments of the past year and the most upvoted posts . Now the selection that you have definitely been waiting for no less: the rating of the worst materials according to your version. If you want to open one of the texts, just click on the picture.

And do not forget to slap a minus on this post – such a tradition!

Evgeni Plushenko’s ice show “Union of Champions” became the winner in the competition of the Presidential Fund for Cultural Initiatives in the field of culture, art and creative creative industries.

Individual entrepreneur Evgeni Plushenko (it was he who applied for the competition) received a grant from the President of Russia in the amount of 50,510,000 rubles for the implementation of his project. Congratulations!

Olympic champion in ice dancing Tatyana Navka gave a great interview to Nadezhda Sagittarius. The conversation lasted two hours – they discussed not only figure skating with ice shows, but also politics and personal life. It turned out to be very interesting in places.

The State Duma has been working since 1994, during which time 24 sports stars have been in its composition. The first was Alexander Karelin – a three-time winner of the Olympics entered the Duma back in 1999. Then gymnasts Alina Kabaeva and Svetlana Khorkina joined him.

The Duma reached its maximum representation in 2019 – with the arrival after the by-elections of Shipulin, there were 17 sportsmen-deputies.

After sports, Alina Zagitova masters not only the profession of a journalist, but also fashion trends. During the month of the off-season, she showed some very striking images.

At the stage of the Junior Grand Prix in Riga, a participant with an extremely unusual story performed: 14-year-old transgender Maria Reikdal from Brazil took the penultimate place. She dreams of the 2026 Olympics in Italy. She will be 18 now and she believes she will perform at the next Games. And about her unusual status, Maria deliberately reasoned at the age of 11:

“I want people to understand that I am a girl. Even if Joao is written somewhere in my documents, I still know that I am a girl.

The Ministry of Digital Development, Communications and Mass Media of the Russian Federation is preparing fans for the introduction of Fan ID: how to get a fan card and where it will be needed. The main thing from the announcement.

In a vast country where there are excellent doctors, scientists, teachers, historians, restaurateurs, people of creative professions: ballerinas, actors, directors. But what’s the trouble with a dozen football referees? So maybe it’s not about the judges, but about the very Hydra of all Russian football?

What difference does it make under what name the RFU and RPL operate: be it Fursenko or Dyukov, if their DNA is still the same faded blue. No other European country has such a monopoly of a state corporation on all football as such. This is a phenomenal Russian phenomenon. But not an achievement and not a reason for pride.

Probably, the federation will decide to medal Anna Shcherbakova, the current world champion, and, as we have been predicting since November, the rapidly progressing dance duo Diana Davis – Gleb Smolkin. If you still consider such a scenario unlikely, then let’s count together. And you will be convinced that Diana and Gleb can already be congratulated on Olympic gold.

We play worse than our own stereotypical view of Finland 2019. Because the Finns then at least knitted world hockey superstars. And we will knit Teemu Hartikainen. And we are very afraid that we will not succeed.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t need such hockey, nor the medals that will be won by such hockey. The Russian national team entering the game against the second or third squad of Sweden/Finland and planning to butt heads is a shame in any result.

There is nothing surprising in the fact that Zagitova looked good in the ring: she has a crazy sports background, because of which she has a great body feel and understands biomechanics, which allows her to quickly grasp elements of other types. And, yes: Alina is only 20 years old, and Nikolai Valuev, who became the world champion in professionals, came to boxing at that age!

Of the 15 gold medalists of the Games, only 9 were present at the meeting. Victoria Sinitsina / Nikita Katsalapov, Anastasia Mishina / Alexander Gallyamov, Mark Kondratyuk and Kamila Valieva are all champions of the figure skating team tournament (who never received medals due to the uncertain situation regarding Valieva). As well as Denis Spitsov, Alexey Chervotkin and Veronika Stepanova – the winners of the ski relay races.

For various reasons, Alexander Bolshunov and Anna Shcherbakova, our only individual champions, as well as relay runners Sergey Ustyugov, Tatyana Sorina, Yulia Stupak and Natalya Nepryaeva, did not come to the meeting for various reasons.

Tatyana Navka has created an empire of ice shows in a few years: Alina Zagitova, Anna Shcherbakova and Kamila Valieva perform in her projects. Tickets for performances are sold six months in advance, and performances are visited not only in Sochi, but also in Antalya, Dubai.

After her career, Tatyana performed in various shows with her partner Roman Kostomarov. And the main project in her life is, of course, the Ice Age. There she tried the roles of a participant and a mentor, and now she is constantly on the jury, almost like Tatyana Tarasova.

An entry appeared on the official portal of legal information – a decree of Russian President Vladimir Putin on the admission of several dozen people to the citizenship of the Russian Federation and the withdrawal of citizenship of three. One of those who lost their Russian passport was a young biathlete Lidia Zhurauskaite. Who is she and how did it happen?

Beijing 2022 confirmed the greatness of Dmitry Guberniev as a person who makes sports heroes fall in love and make you worry about them.

Yes, one cannot get away from the feeling that he imposes these feelings, forcibly hammers in the need to cheer for ours, but specifically at the Olympic Games, this is the best method for solving the main task. It is that splashes of attention to Olympic sports and heroes scatter over the entire next cycle.

Cristiano’s girl is sailing on a yacht, sprawled on a sofa. She is wearing almost everything from Gucci – a suit, socks and sneakers.

“I am Georgina Rodriguez, I am 27 years old. Five years ago, my life changed,” the girl introduces herself, sitting on a chair in a more formal setting.  

This is how the Netflix reality show Soy Georgina (“I am Georgina”) begins. Six episodes of 40 minutes each show the life of a model, mother and trendsetter. In the frame, the girl’s everyday life – meetings with friends, travel, events and life. 

In the world of ice shows, a new grant from the state – this time it was received by Tatyana Navka’s play “Ruslan and Lyudmila”. The Presidential Fund for Cultural Initiatives allocated 14,443,475 rubles for its holding in Luhansk – the money will be received by Navka Show LLC, which should add another 3.65 million from its own funds to the project. Let’s dive into the details – who distributes grants to figure skaters and how.

The friendly match with Dynamo was turned into a large-scale farewell: they gave Rotenberg a solemn 7 minutes on the field, the fans accompanied them with songs and chants, prepared personal flags, banners, the club presented a framed T-shirt. Like a true legend.

Boris played 116 minutes in 6 years.

“Yura said that initially he saw only me as a genie. Well, who else can be a legendary and fabulous character on the channel? Only me. Let’s be honest here. I also had no doubts and easily agreed. The editors have created a huge number of texts on matches – I slightly corrected them for myself, but globally, of course, they are not mine.

The task of the genie is to give statistics, interesting facts, observations on a particular team. This is not so much a forecast as short reference materials for the fan. I myself learned a lot from these texts, but I knew something before. In this role, I am not just a reader, but also a thinker.”

Do famous athletes need to flaunt their lives? Maybe they didn’t think about it, but at the Match they decided to answer this question – of course, in the talk show “There is a theme!”, The flagship product of the channel.

This is the same program that is often compared to the political talk show of Olga Skabeeva and Yevgeny Popov “60 Minutes”. There are indeed similarities: tense music, noisy format and guests from different areas (even the Time Will Show expert came).

After the triumph in the Russian Cup, Amkal and 2Drots cut each other down: the meeting was held as part of the Olimbet ISS tournament and ended in a powerful scandal.

More than 220 thousand people followed this.

Given Cristiano’s grievances at Real Madrid, Juve and Manchester United, there doesn’t seem to be a club that fits all the criteria for a star. And if it was, what should it be?

The authors of have put together the perfect line-up in which Ronaldo would be comfortable, the perfect management, the perfect city and the perfect league!

Yes, it so happened that the ideal city is sooooo far from the ideal league of Ronaldo. But this is another confirmation: there is no place on the planet where Ronaldo would be comfortable, where the people around him would be comfortable and where he could realize his remaining potential.

The already legendary conversation between Alexander Golovin and Anton Anisimov (the host of “There is a topic!”) went down in the history of the post became the most downvoted for all the time that the site has been rating.

We decided to capture the greatness and collect the top 30 – however, we removed the annual collections of downvoted texts from the sample. And instead of simple sorting by the number of minuses, we introduced the hate index (HI) – the number of minuses per thousand views. IM shows how actively people downvoted a particular post.

Setting up the current agenda was announced by the main ideologist of the project – Ilya Averbukh.

“The time when we all mobilize, but I believe that such programs (TV shows) are not only entertaining, but also very unifying. We try to make each dance relevant to today’s time. I am not the one who decides what is timely and what is not,” Averbukh said.

In recent years, Russia has been famous for freak-fights that are thundering all over the world. Where else can a deputy, an actor-zoophile or a pack of prostitutes meet in a cage? The Epic Fighting Championship promotion has become the flagship of the industry – a place where homeless people, alcoholics and 200-kilogram women fight. And the crazy show is hosted by rapper Syava and Stas Baretsky, who sometimes rolls around the cage with a microphone like a bun. In the latest issue of Epic Fighting, a miracle fight took place: two porn actresses met in a cage – Elena Berkova and Lola Taylor.

– What to do with obvious jambs like the death of Pele?  

– Yes, it’s a bug. I saw it on twitter and didn’t double-check. That tweet got me.

– Another misinformation from you: UEFA recommended that the season should be ended due to the coronavirus.

I didn’t translate it that way.

And everyone started referring to you.

– Fuck me.

– Well, how the hell? What about audience responsibility?

– It is, but then I corrected everything.

Why didn’t the team fall apart when Rotenberg became the head coach? What was his path to the bench as vice president and general manager? What is he like as a coach? Nikita Petukhov found out all this from the head coach of SKA.

– Let’s go through today’s grid of the federal channel (the interview took place on December 24 – “Mad Fist”, “Chasing”, “Ring”, “Knockdown”, series “Hook” and “Prospect of Defense”. The logic is clear: in all films and TV shows there is a sports focus. What tasks does this solve for Match TV?

– Increasing the audience of the channel. In December, there were more films, because the RPL went on vacation, and the New Year’s network of federal channels consists largely of repetitions of Soviet classics. Cinema ensures the flow of the target audience to the channel.

– To simplify, we can say that if there is no movie, the average share will fall, the channel’s income will also fall, and accordingly, you will not be able to buy the same amount of rights?

It’s bright here: Match TV, Mitya Fomin, Gleb Cherniavsky’s speakers.

A rally-concert in honor of Crimea was held at the main stadium of Russia. According to the Moscow Ministry of Internal Affairs, more than 95,000 people gathered at Luzhniki (at sporting events it accommodates 81,000), and more than 100,000 were near the arena. Once upon a time, top sporting events took place here. But after the World Cup, there are not so many of them.

– Russia in the UN at the beginning of March was supported by only four countries: Syria, Eritrea, North Korea and Belarus. 

– This is absolutely not an indicator. Each country has its own motives for voting one way or another. Each case is individual. Take the same Turkey: it behaves as it is convenient for it. Somewhere he manipulates, somewhere he blackmails. And trying to bargain for something in exchange for something.

It’s just that these countries are more interested in supporting Russia. It is more profitable for them to do this with Russia than with the rest.

– How is it that only four countries support us? 

– This is also a question for diplomacy. I am not an expert in this.

– You support foreign policy, so you understand what I’m talking about.

– This is big politics, economics, business. You cannot be friends with a country that is in NATO. Or which is economically dependent on the country that is in NATO. Everything is interconnected. It is necessary to study each country separately. If someone somehow voted – it still does not mean anything. Everything is much more complicated than we think.