June 7, 2023

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“412 km/h is literally a racing car.” F-1 champion Nico Rosberg bought an electric hypercar for $ 2 million, flies through the mountains and boasts

What do current and former F-1 drivers give themselves for New Year and Christmas? Sometimes – and expensive cars: for example, at the end of December, the champion of 2016, Nico Rosberg , was delivered an old order – the first serial “Rimak” Nevera for $ 2 million (in the most minimal configuration).

“The fastest electric production car in history! Nico rejoiced. – 412 km / h, acceleration to hundreds in 1.85 seconds! And the first car of the entire series is chassis number 1 over there on the ship.

And yes, of course, when Niko could not start the hypercar right away, he called the head of the company, Mate Rimatsu. Do not be surprised by this and the special privileges in the form of chassis No. 1: Rosberg is generally friends with Mate and constantly conducts test drives of new models of the company. They collect millions of views on YouTube:

That’s why Niko was immortalized: they made a nominal model in a circulation of 150 copies:

And, of course, the very first thing Rosberg went to start from the place where the pole holder starts the Monaco Grand Prix:

The champion of 2016 has also already posted a run-in of the production version on YouTube – there he drives through the mountains in the vicinity of his native Monaco:

Impressions from the first overclocking to the full are grandiose:

“*****! We literally fly! What a clutch! I can do anything at all – no understeer! Braking is great, cornering is epic. The machine is very responsive and electronically controlled, but does not feel unbalanced or restricted. For example, when you straighten the steering wheel at least a little in order to start acceleration early, you feel how the car is released and rushes forward.

When I heard from the operator a review of crazy high-speed driving on narrow mountain roads:

The result of the first attempt to drive a corner in a drift:

Summary – in enthusiastic posts:

“This is now officially the fastest electric road car in the world! Phenomenal – like a racing car. The car comes to life [after pressing the key] – like a Batmoble.

Still: 1914 hp, which burn batteries at 120 kWh – Niko estimated this at 500+ km of run.

But the car had its downsides! “Her rims – at first they seemed to me too gaudy, like gangsta rappers. But now, live … “