March 26, 2023

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5 Anomalous Boxing Records That Will Never Be Broken

5 Anomalous Boxing Records That Will Never Be Broken

5 Anomalous Boxing Records That Will Never Be Broken

Joe Louis is the longest-serving champion to hold the belt for nearly 12 years.

Louis is currently not mentioned anywhere. However, he was a legend in the middle of the previous century. The American was born in 1914, and his debut in the professional ring took place in 1934.

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3 years later, Joe received a heavyweight title fight, in which he managed to knock out James Braddock in the eighth round . Then, at the age of 23, the American became the world champion and then he gave out an incredible series of 25 successful defenses in a row.


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For the first time, he had to defend his status in the same 1937 in a meeting with the Briton Tommy Farr , whom Louis managed to defeat by a judicial decision. It is also worth noting that in those years, boxers fought not 12 rounds, as in modern history, but all 15.

For 11 years and 252 days, the American did not let anyone close to his title. However, in 1950 Louis’ victorious cannonade ended. He lost a decision to Ezzard Charles and never became a champion again. However, no one else has dominated the same division in the history of boxing except for Joe.


Deontay Wilder is the only boxer to win his first 32 fights by knockout.


Deontay Wilder

Deontay is an outstanding puncher and he has already managed to write his name into history. The Bronze Bomber made his debut in professional boxing in November 2008, and then in the second round he managed to knock out Ethan Cox .

That flashy finish was the first in the American’s incredible series. Subsequently, Wilder won 31 more fights by knockout, and the first who managed to withstand him in the ring for 12 rounds was Bermain Stivern in January 2015.

The Canadian took on countless blows, but heroically lived to see the decision of the judges. Thus, Wilder is the only one who managed to win the first 32 fights of his career by knockout.

If not that meeting with Bermain, then the series would have lasted up to forty fights. However, Deontay fully recouped the staunch Canadian in revenge. In November 2017, the “bronze bomber” avenged Stiverne for an interrupted series with a heavy knockout in the first round.


Manny Pacquiao was the only eight division champion in boxing history.


Manny Pacquiao

The Filipino boxer has become a real legend, already in modern history. Manny was the only one who managed to become a world champion in eight weight categories. In this regard, he surpassed absolutely everyone, including his most principled opponent, Floyd Mayweather.

The American was the owner of belts in five divisions, but in this aspect , Pacquiao , as it turned out, has no equal. Manny began his triumph back in 1998, when he took the WBC belt in weight up to 50.8 kg from Chatchai Sasakula .

After 3 years, the Filipino rose up and became the champion in the division up to 55.3 kg, beating Lehlohonola Ledwaba . Manny did not linger in this weight, and already in 2003 he won the belt according to The Ring in the category up to 57.2 kg, knocking out Marco Barrera .

Pacquiao later collected titles in the divisions up to 59 kg, 61.2 kg, 63.5 kg and 66.7 kg. However, there were few titles in seven categories of Manny, and in 2010 he won the belt in the first middleweight, defeating Antonio Margarito by a judicial decision.

It seems almost impossible to repeat such a path. The history of boxing remembers champions in three, four or five divisions. But to become the best in eight weights is a task that looks simply impossible.


Wilfredo Benitez – the youngest world champion (17 years and 5 months)

About Wilfredo, as well as about many boxers of the 20th century, almost no one knows. However, a fighter originally from Puerto Rico managed to distinguish himself very quickly. Recently, more and more young talents have appeared in boxing, and some of them are already making their professional debuts at the age of 18.

But Benitez started his career in big sport a little earlier, and at 17, before reaching the age of majority, he had already reached the title fight for the world title. The Puerto Rican fought in the light welterweight and in 1976 he was assigned a fight for the WBA belt against a more experienced opponent in the person of Anthony Cervantes .


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Few believed in a 17-year-old boy. The fight turned out to be extremely difficult and as competitive as possible. The young challenger gave a very serious resistance to Anthony, but it was assumed that Cervantes would defend the belt.

However, contrary to all forecasts and expectations, it was Benitez who became the world champion in the light welterweight division by a separate decision of the judges. At that time, he was 17 years and 252 days old and this achievement will not be beaten very soon.


Floyd Mayweather is the richest boxer


Floyd Mayweather and Logan Paul

Floyd Mayweather was named the best boxer of the century. He spent 50 fights in the professional ring and won each of them. In the current realities, it is extremely difficult to repeat this.

Everyone understands the difference between modern boxing and the boxing that was before. However, history knows examples of fighters who, like Floyd, had their first 50 career fights without a single loss.

With all the statistical indicators of the past, Mayweather’s achievements are still considered outstanding. But, if we consider unique records, then Floyd is the richest boxer in history.

Mayweather was great at selling his fights. He became the first boxer to generate $100 million in pay-per-view revenue for fight organizers. Gradually, Floyd’s own fees also increased, and in May 2015, he broke another record in terms of his own earnings in a meeting with Manny Pacquiao.

The American managed to defeat his opponent by unanimous decision of the judges, and his total income with all the ensuing bonuses amounted to about 400 million dollars. 2 years later, Floyd earned an equally impressive amount in his last career fight against Conor McGregor .

Mayweather defeated the Irishman by technical knockout in the tenth round and received, taking into account the percentage of the sale of broadcasts and other advertising bonuses, approximately $ 300 million. In total, Floyd’s total career income amounted to more than a billion dollars, and neither Canelo , nor Fury , nor anyone else has such a fortune.