March 27, 2023

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“Akhmat” was given a penalty for a foul that was outside the field. Did the referee make a mistake

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The perfect transfer that shouldn’t have been. How Filip Kostic is pulling Juventus up

Nontrivial moment.

Akhmat and Orenburg gave a bright end to the first half – two goals in stoppage time. One of the balls is a consequence of an unusual rule, which is sometimes forgotten.

It’s about Akhmat’s penalty: he was appointed for a foul that was behind the front

At the end of the half, Sivakov stepped on Sadulaev’s shin with spikes – and the chief referee of the match, Yevgeny Turbin, awarded a penalty.

But there was a nuance: the Orenburg defender broke the rules already behind the front.

Turbin made this decision after being prompted by the VAR. He also sent off Sivakov, showing a second yellow card. Bernard Berisha converted a penalty and doubled the advantage of Akhmat.

But Orenburg reduced the score even before the break – Vorobyov managed to handle the ball with his chest and pierced it with the outside of his foot into the net.

Turbin wrong?

No, the referee correctly assessed the episode. Here is the opinion of the former judge Anatoly Sinyaev.

“A penalty in Grozny is a base. If the ball is in play and the foul is out of bounds, the foul must be moved to the nearest boundary point. Accordingly, this is a penalty. You can agree with the card. The second yellow one is iron,” from the Ale telegram channel, ref!

The football rule states: “The game is restarted with a direct free kick at the nearest point on the boundary line to the place of the infringement. For offenses punishable by a free kick,a 11-meter penalty is awarded if it happened within the space of the offender’s penalty area”.

Former RPL referee Igor Fedotov additionally noted the work of the VAR: “Kazartsev did the right thing by intervening in this episode and called Turbin to the monitor.

The Orenburg player stepped on the foot of the Akhmat player. There is no red card here, since the Orenburg player was looking at the ball all the time and did not see the foot of the Akhmat player. Correct decision: 11-meter kick and yellow card.