June 7, 2023

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All techies of the Russian championship: in the 90s they often forgot about cards and once released a player after being sent off

Thousands of hours in Football Manager and the thrill of work: 15 answers from the scout of the First League club

Thousands of hours in Football Manager and the thrill of work: 15 answers from the scout of the First League club

Honor row.

The technical defeat of Pari NN in the match with Torpedo due to the appearance on the field of the disqualified Yaroslav Mikhailov is not the first time in the Russian championship when the result is determined by the disciplinary committee. And not the second. And not even the third. 

To clarify right away: in this list, we skip the techies of the coronavirus period, as they occurred for reasons beyond the control of the clubs.

May 2014, Zenit – Dynamo (technical defeat of Zenit)

Zenit hosted Dynamo at the height of the fight for the championship, but by the 86th they were losing 2:4. At that moment, almost the entire southern stand broke through on the field, a fan of St. Petersburg Alexei Nesterov, nicknamed Gulliver, hit Muscovites defender Vladimir Granat in the face.

Referee Sergei Ivanov eventually interrupted the match a minute before the end – and this was the worst consequence for Zenit. Soon, the FTC awarded Dynamo a 3-0 victory. Zenit was ordered to play the next two home matches without spectators, and in the next three games at Petrovsky, access to the entire South Stand was closed. At the same time, the club was fined a million rubles.

As a result, Zenit lost the championship race to CSKA, and Dynamo broke into the Europa League qualification. 

November 2012, Dynamo – Zenit (technical defeat of Zenit)

And again the same opponents. In November 2012, Zenit came to visit Dynamo, and already at the 37th minute, referee Alexei Nikolaev interrupted the game.

From the guest sector, a firecracker flew into Dynamo goalkeeper Anton Shunin – it exploded right next to him. Zenit tried to prove that anyone could leave her, and tried to shift the blame on Dynamo as the organizer. But the St. Petersburg club signed a protocol, according to which it was on the stand B, from where the firecracker was thrown, that the Zenit fans were located.

As a result, the Petersburgers received a forfeit defeat, but this was not the end of it: both Zenit and Dynamo were fined and discharged for a match without spectators. Shunin also received a chemical burn of the corneas and eyelids, conjunctivitis in both eyes, as well as post-traumatic otitis media in the right ear with hearing loss, and missed ten days.

April 2011, Zenit – CSKA (technical defeat of Zenit)

Unlike the game with Dynamo, the teams finished this match (1:1). However, even during the meeting, it turned out that Zenit violated the regulations – there was no homegrown player born in 1990 in the application. 

The head coach of the St. Petersburg club, Luciano Spalletti, first said that the club deliberately went for the violation – they say, they are sure that only a fine is prescribed in the regulations, so “journalists need to study the regulations better.” But it was not so – RFU President Sergei Fursenko said that Zenit would be punished to the fullest extent. He did not deceive – the techie was discharged to the Petersburgers. Zenit admitted the mistake and said that they would not even appeal.