June 7, 2023

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All the suffering of Hazard at Real Madrid. How often did he get injured? How much did his useful actions cost?

Cancel likes Tuchel, but Bayern are not ready to buy him. The problem is João’s character

Cancel likes Tuchel, but Bayern are not ready to buy him. The problem is João’s character

Never played with Barça.

In the summer of 2019, Real Madrid made, as it seemed, the most important transfer: Eden Hazard moved to Madrid. An elite game was expected from the Belgian.

Didn’t wait. For 4 seasons, Hazard has only 74 games.

Why didn’t it work out? The simplest and most obvious answer is injury. In 4 seasons at Real Madrid, Eden was injured 18 times – in 7 years at Chelsea there were 12.

Ancelotti, Zidane and Hazard have talked about bad luck – but José Mourinho believes that the Belgian’s attitude may be the reason: “He is an amazing player who trains terribly. One can only imagine what he would become if he was super professional in training.

Every morning he comes to class and doesn’t work too hard. When Eden enters the field, you see not a reflection of how he worked during the week, but a reflection of his talent. Amazing player.”

Marco van Basten almost repeats for Mourinho – he believes that the player slowed down in relation after the World Cup.

“Hazard stopped after the 2018 World Cup but didn’t tell anyone. They don’t know it yet. He was exceptionally good, but now he often gets injured. After all, he is now a shadow of himself. He was a world class player and now he’s thinking, “Is there anything else I can do?”

At the same time, in the 2022/23 season, Eden had only 2 injuries – in the summer, Marca noted : Hazard returned to Real Madrid in perfect shape. Ancelotti is pleased with him after the first training session – and before that he promised the Belgian playing time: “Hazard will have playing time next season. He has a certain level, there will be many games, a rotation that was not so much this season.”

In addition, the coach planned to use Hazard to replace Benzema so that Karim could rest. But this was not confirmed: despite the injuries of the Frenchman, the Belgian has only 324 minutes this season: he got into the squad 39 times, but went out only 8.

Worst result at Chelsea – 64.1% of minutes played in the 2015/16 season. The best result at Real Madrid is the first season after the transfer. 

Of the 18 thousand potential minutes, Hazard played only 3.6. But he earned 125 million euros (60 net) – 31.25 million euros per year according to reliable aggregator Capology.

• We don’t take transfers on purpose – although Chelsea continue to receive bonuses. For example, £15m for Real Madrid’s 2021/22 Champions League victory – even though Hazard only has 84 minutes in the competition.

•‎ According to L’Equipe, Hazard is the highest paid player in La Liga: he receives 27 million euros before taxes, the second Lewandowski (26 million a year). Probably, the data differs due to the consequences of the pandemic: Busquets and De Jong (they are in the top of the Capology rating) agreed to pay cuts.

And the main result of Hazard in Madrid is not a single official clasico. A terrible number for a stellar newcomer.