May 27, 2023

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Aller marked his comeback after cancer with a hat-trick. Made it in 7 minutes!

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In early January, great news came from Borussia Dortmund – striker Sebastian Aller returned to training after recovering from testicular cancer. The Frenchman was taken care of: at the training camp in Marbella, he initially trained separately from the base, but quickly got in shape and moved to the general group.

On January 10, Aller appeared on the field for the first time since June – in a freight train with Fortuna. Sebastian came out instead of Yussuf Mukoko in the 74th minute, but did not have time to distinguish himself with effective actions.

But already in the next freight train – with the Swiss “Basel” – Aller showed his goalscoring qualities in all his splendor. The striker replaced Marco Reus in the 60th minute, and the 81st scored the first goal after returning – from the penalty spot.

Sebastian did not stop there and scored a hat-trick within seven minutes. The striker scored his second goal, closing a cross from Julian Brandt, and in the episode with the third goal he skillfully sent the ball into the goal with the outside of his foot after a corner.

This hat-trick will definitely add confidence to Aller!

“I want to do what is required of me here – to score a lot of goals! I am very glad that I returned – I feel better every day. Training is still hard, but working with the guys is much easier than working alone. My goal is to make it as difficult as possible for the coach. Now he has one more striker in his team, ”Aller shared his emotions after the hat-trick.

Dortmund head coach Edin Terzic is not at all upset that Sebastian made his task more difficult. “The penalty gave him confidence. The guys are very happy for him. When such an experienced player is on the field, the game is much easier for the team,” said Terzic.

The Bundesliga is back next weekend. Let’s hope that Aller will help Dortmund get out of the sixth line and lift the team at least to the Champions League zone.