March 27, 2023

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Another uprising of the Superleague! They take from 60 to 80 clubs, they have already formed 10 slogans

Did you think that after the attack of the Premier League on Man City, nothing would surprise you? The creators of the Superleague took a chance! And they announced the next restart of the project.

“It’s time for a change,” said Superliga CEO Bernd Reichart. “It is the clubs that bear the entrepreneurial risk in football, but when important decisions are made, they are too often forced to sit on the sidelines with their hands folded. Our dialogue was open, honest, constructive and resulted in clear ideas about what changes are needed and how they can be implemented. Much remains to be done, and we will continue our dialogue.”

By “our dialogue” we mean talking to 50 clubs about their financial problems. Formally, there are no new participants in the project.

Superliga is no longer a closed club

The new version of the European Super League has several divisions with 60 to 80 teams without permanent members. Each participant will play at least 14 matches per season. So far, there are no details on the distribution of clubs by division, as well as on the principles of relegation and promotion.

In October, Reichart said that the new Super League could be launched by the 2024/25 season. That is, a year and a half is left for the registration of participants, the approval of the format, the search for sponsors and other organizational moments. Doesn’t sound very realistic.

Founders of the Superleague formulated 10 principles of the new tournament

Here are 10 theses of the same Reichart that appeared in the German media Die Welt.

1. Sporting achievements are at the heart of the tournament.

There will be 60-80 teams in the Super League. This is an open tournament divided into several divisions. Income will be distributed among all members of the tournament. Participation in the Superleague depends on sports results during the season. There will be no permanent members.

2. National championships are the basis of football.

Clubs will continue to play in the national championships, as before. With the creation of the European Super League, the national leagues are expected to become more exciting and interesting, as the new tournament will provide participants with additional resources.

3. Increasing competitiveness through stable income.

With revenue growth and strict adherence to financial soundness rules, European clubs will become more competitive. Clubs that qualify for the Europa Super League are guaranteed 14 European matches per season. Due to this, income will become more predictable and stable.

4. The health of the players is the most important thing.

When determining the number of matches per year, you need to think about the health of the players. Player unions need to be involved. There should not be more matches than now. Third parties cannot force players to participate in new tournaments or expanded versions of previous ones.

5. Financial stability rules must be strictly observed.

European club competitions must be organized by the clubs themselves. Club spending should be based solely on revenue generated and not on capital injections that disrupt competition. Financial soundness rules should allow clubs to spend only a fixed percentage of their annual football-related income on salaries and transfers.

6. The best football competition in the world.

The new tournament should claim to be the most exciting sporting event in the world. We need to support the passion of the younger generation, passionate about the worldwide spread of sports and digital entertainment in the United States, for football. This can only be achieved through a tournament in which the best players in the world will meet each other regularly throughout the season.

7. The best experience for fans.

Dialogue with the fans is essential to come up with ideas on how to make football better. Attendance at away matches should be supported across the board. Infrastructure standards need to be set to bring stadiums to a uniform, high quality level.

8. Improve funding for women’s football.

It is necessary to continue the development of women’s football, so it is necessary that its funding be significantly increased. Investments are needed not only at the professional level, but also at the amateur level.

9. Significant increase in solidarity payments.

Solidarity payments to clubs that do not participate in the Super League, as well as payments for social purposes, will amount to at least 400 million euros per year – more than twice as much as now.

10. EU values ​​and laws must be respected.

The values, laws and freedoms of the European Union must form the basis of European club football. The jurisdiction of sports tribunals should be strictly limited to sports matters. All other disputes must be dealt with by the competent courts and all cases must be subject to the supervision of the EU judiciary.

Tebas has already responded

La Liga President Javier Tebas is the main opponent of the Super League. He immediately appeared on social networks – he published a cartoon by Emerson Coe based on the fairy tale by Charles Perrault “Little Red Riding Hood”, which depicts the Super League as a wolf in a grandmother’s cap, and European football as Little Red Riding Hood.

“The Super League is a wolf that disguises itself as a grandmother, trying to fool European football, but it has very big teeth.

Four divisions in Europe? They, of course, will be in the highest, as in the reform of 2019. Control? It is clear that these will be giants.

The previous version of the tournament failed. UEFA won in court

After strong condemnation from UEFA and FIFA, the organizers of the new tournament have asked the European Court of Justice to check whether the football authorities are violating competition law.

Verdict: do not violate.

“The rules of FIFA and UEFA, under which any new competition is subject to prior approval, are compatible with EU competition law,” said Atanasios Rantos, lawyer general of the European Court of Justice.

After that, the existence of the Superleague in that form became impossible even legally.

But there is a way out – you can always invent a new format.

And which clubs originally created the Super League?

The creation of a new competition was seriously discussed in mid-April 2021. Among the 12 founding clubs were Barcelona, ​​Real Madrid, Juventus, Arsenal, Milan, Chelsea, Atlético Madrid, Inter Milan, Liverpool, Manchester City, Manchester United and Tottenham.