June 7, 2023

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Barça beat Real Madrid again for the 3rd time in a row. Gold guarantee?

“They’ve been raped, they should be silent.” Roman derby flared for 5 removals

“They’ve been raped, they should be silent.” Roman derby flared for 5 removals

Comeback and winning on 90+2.

Barça and Real Madrid delivered a fiery clasico with a chic denouement – the Catalans snatched a 2-1 victory.

In contrast to the last match, when the Xavi team played as atypically as possible, closed and without trying to impose their style, everything looked completely different at Camp Nou. They could not afford this, so from the first minutes they went to attack.

Barça attacked, but Madrid scored: in the 10th minute, Vinicius squeezed into the penalty area, shot powerfully – and the ball from the head of Ronald Araujo flew into his net.

The pressure of the hosts worked in the last seconds of the first half: Sergi Roberto found the ball in the penalty area after a blocked shot by Rafinha and threw it right into the corner.

In the second, Madrid got really hooked: Barça looked much sharper, controlled the ball and could well have scored earlier, but Rafinha and Robert Lewandowski could not break through Thibault Courtois. The Brazilian aggravated a lot and organized a lot of difficulties for Nacho, who again played on the left flank. At the end of the match, Asensio seemed to put Real Madrid ahead – but still from offside, after checking the ball was canceled.

But Barça canceled the first draw of the season in the 92nd minute: Lewandowski played with a heel on Balda, who rolled under the blow of Frank Kessie – and under the winning ball.

Barça are better again!

Barça win the Clasico at Camp Nou for the first time since 2018

Everything is deserved.

• The first home clasico for Xavi is successful. But Barça have not beaten Madrid at Camp Nou for five years, since 2018. Xavi is generally good against Ancelotti: he took four out of six head-to-head games, but the Italian is not friends with Clasico: he lost five of the last eight in La Liga, and not only Xavi and Luis Enrique, but also Gerardo Martino in 2014.

• Barcelona win third Clasico in a row: this year the Catalans took each. We started in January with a victory in the final of the Spanish Super Cup (3:1), then in early March we won the first leg of the cup semi-final (1:0) and now won in La Liga. But in the autumn, even before the World Cup, Real Madrid won very confidently.

• Barca now have exactly 100 Clasico wins. Madrid has 102 and five more goals scored: 420 vs 415. Another 51 draws, we left this outcome at the very, very end now.

Barça continue to crush Spain – 10 wins in 11 matches, with the only defeat from Almeria from the bottom of the table. In 2023, the Catalans have not a single draw in the championship. 

• Many have already sent Kessie to Italy and Franck scored his first La Liga goal at 91 minutes and 2 seconds. Later, only Messi scored in the Clasico for Barca in 2017 – then it was 91 minutes and 48 seconds.

• Araujo’s own goal is the first in the Clásico since 2017, when Piqué scored an own goal in the Super Bowl. And for La Liga, this is the first own goal in Clasico in the 21st century! But even with this, the Xavi team managed.