March 22, 2023

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Barcelona with and without Pedri are two different teams. This is clearly shown by statistics

Recently, the club got rid of dependence on Messi.

One of the statistical resources made a visual infographic, which shows the huge dependence of Barcelona on Pedri. But the young midfielder is only 20 years old!

A total of 143 matches were analyzed – 104 with Pedri and 39 without him. It is noticeable that in all respects the Catalan club noticeably sags when there is no prodigy on the field.

The biggest differences in the following metrics are goals (1.54 vs. 0.46), shots on goal (4.42 vs. 1.34), assists expected (1.23 vs. 0.44), chances created (8 ,49 and 3.44), as well as the number of touches in the penalty area (24.6 and 9.5).

This proves the importance of the Spaniard for the team. On the other hand, it looks like Xavi can’t replace a player when he’s off the field due to injury or suspension. Such dependence on one player is a rather dangerous thing.