June 7, 2023

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Borja Iglesias epitomizes a dying forward, but he is organic in his role and is the leader of Real Betis

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Borja Iglesias is the main striker and leader of the current Betis. He spends only his fourth year at the Sevillian club, but is already sixth on the list of Betis’ all-time top scorers (47 goals) and has every chance of climbing a few more positions. Fans adore the Spaniard, and Manuel Pellegrini considers the most important player in the team.

Borja is by far the best in the team in terms of effective actions (12+5 in goals+ass).Iglesias is a landmark at the gates of others. He has the highest number of touchdowns in the opponent’s box (98) and is third in assists received (122). This season, the Spaniard has 12 goals against 12.4 expected – Borja does not show over-sales, but scores what he should.

Iglesias is first at Betis in expected goals per match (0.38) and goals scored excluding penalties (0.35), third in shots excluding penalties (2.17) and actions leading to a goal (6).

Borja finishes well in the box (often in the goalkeeper’s area) and is always ready to take advantage of an opponent’s mistake.