March 26, 2023

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Cannon of the day: in the Bundesliga they loaded from 30 meters to nine. Far blow of a dream

The author of the goal has a birthday!

Sandro Schwarz’s Hertha are fighting heroically for survival in the Bundesliga. Competitors are serious, points are gained with difficulty. Against Gladbach, the team was saved by an unexpected hero – 21-year-old (he turned 21 on the day of the match, February 12) Marton Dardai scored the club’s best goal this season.

The teams finished the first half with a score of 1:1, and in the 52nd minute Dardai fired a cannon. Jonas Omlin, who replaced Jan Sommer at the Borussia goal, had no chance.

Just the perfect hit on an upward trajectory. A very rare copy. But the central defender beat.

Then Hertha added a couple more goals and defeated Gladbach 4:1. The Berlin team won for the first time since the World Cup and broke a streak of 4 defeats in a row.

Dardai is the son of a former coach. Dad pulled up in the base, the sports director fired in January did not let him play

If you follow the Bundesliga, you probably know that Marton Dardai is the son of Pal Dardai, a Hungarian football player and coach, Hertha’s record holder for the number of appearances in the Bundesliga. Pictured below is Marton on the right. In the center are Pal and Palko (Pal Jr.), on the left is the youngest son Bens.

Fun fact: Marton’s grandfather was also a footballer and his name was also Pal. So the elder brother is Pal Dardai in the third generation.


Marton is a central defender. He is now 21 years old, he broke into the basis of the Berlin team at 18 under Bruno Labbadia. When Hertha was once again headed by Pal Dardai, the middle son became a solid start player. And this is not a pull: the fans chose Marton as the best player of the season.

Dardai played for all ages of the German youth team. He is valued for his physical data (height 188) and good work with the ball. Well, you saw what kind of left punch he had. Marton also knows how to distribute passes.

True, when Dardai’s father was fired, Marton was placed in reserve – this was the case under Felix Magat, and under Typhoon Korkut, and under Sandro Schwartz. Injuries interfered somewhere, and the player clearly did not have a relationship with sports director Fredi Bobic.

It was Bobic who kept Marton from leaving the club in search of playing practice for two transfer windows. In January, Fredy turned down a loan offer from Hamburg. At the end of the transfer window, the failed sporting director was sacked and the new management turned down an offer for Dardai from Augsburg.

Even in the German press, Dardai was expected to return to Hertha after the dismissal of Bobic – Sandro Schwartz was asked a lot about the young defender in recent weeks (of course, the team conceded at least 2 goals in each match).

Here is the coach’s answer: “We had a detailed conversation with Marton. He is always regarded as a base player. Dardai is the most important block for building our team. Even though he hasn’t played that much in recent weeks.”

In the match against Gladbach, Schwartz moved to the back three. Thanks to this, Dardai got into the squad – he left along with Uremovich and Kempf.

Dardai helped Hertha get out of the relegation zone

Hertha had a great match against Borussia, but the standings remain difficult. The victory pulled the team out of the direct relegation zone (Stuttgart fell there), but the competition at the bottom of the table is serious. Dardai, Schwarz and the entire Berlin team must seize every opportunity to score points.