June 7, 2023

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Castellanos scored poker against Real Madrid. And three rounds ago he didn’t score against Barcelona from a lethal position

All the suffering of Hazard at Real Madrid. How often did he get injured? How much did his useful actions cost?

All the suffering of Hazard at Real Madrid. How often did he get injured? How much did his useful actions cost?

Real suddenly lost to Girona, and even with a big score – 2:4. Moreover, Lunin missed all four goals from one player – Valentin Castellanos.

Fans remembered the revealing episode of the Barça match against Girona in the 28th round of La Liga. At the 53rd minute of the meeting, Castellanos was in an ideal position, but could not score.

To avoid copyright infringement, we share screenshots of the moment: 

That meeting ended in a draw.

The video of Castellanos’ miss on Twitter is being circulated by both Real Madrid and Barça fans.

Madrid fans don’t understand how one player could show such different football in matches that took place 15 days apart:

💭 “Incredible! To be honest, I don’t understand how he scored four against Real Madrid but failed to score against Barcelona from such a comfortable position. It seems that not everything is so obvious here.

💭 “He scored a double against Real Madrid in 12 minutes, and in the match against Barça he did not score into an almost empty net. Are you laughing?

💭 “Castellanos missed such a chance against Barcelona and scored poker against us. Incredible player!”

💭 “Either we have serious problems, or the dude forgot how to play football in the match against Barcelona. In general, what did we expect from the Argentine playing for the team from Catalonia?

And fans of the Blaugrana are already waiting for Valentine in their team:

💭 “The Argentine crushed Real Madrid to bring the Barça championship closer. Some things never change. He also didn’t score in the match against Barca, maybe he wants to join us?”

💭 “Lewandowski has scored 2 goals in his last 10 matches. Valentin Castellanos completed poker in 62 minutes. It looks like we signed the wrong player.”

💭 “Ter Stegen scared Castellanos with just his appearance! And he didn’t leave Real Madrid a chance. I think it’s time for this guy to move to another Catalan team.”

💭 “Oh my God, I’m ready to buy this guy’s Barça myself. What is he doing!