March 22, 2023

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Chelsea could become a multi-club – what do we know about that?

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Chelsea’s American owners are in talks to buy a 100% stake in French Ligue 1 club Strasbourg, according to Goal.

Todd Bowley and his partners have already met with Strasbourg President Mark Keller.

The Americans intend to buy a French club and possibly a German club (name not disclosed) as part of the multi-club model they want to implement. So Chelsea could send players on loan to Strasbourg and vice versa.

Things are not going well for Strasbourg – 15th place in the championship and problems with finances (especially with payroll), which is why they have to sell players. Here’s what the club’s transfer balance looks like over the past years.

• season 2022/23: spent 7 million (hereinafter – amounts in euros), earned 11 million;

• 2021/22 season: spent 4.5 million, earned 16 million;

For comparison, the statistics of previous seasons: Strasbourg spent much more there.

• season 2020/21: spent 12 million, earned 0.5 million;

• season 2019/20: spent 11, earned 21 million;

season 2018/19: spent 16 million, earned 14.

Chelsea won’t be the first multi-club in England – the Premier League already has City

Manchester City’s owners, City Football Group, have successfully implemented a multi-club model, owning clubs such as New York City, Melbourne City, Montevideo City Cake, Troyes, Lommel, Mumbai City and Girona.

UEFA isn’t entirely happy with the multi-club models the new owners are bringing in. The concern is that some of these clubs, belonging to the same group, may face each other in European competition, as well as financial fraud that may go unnoticed.