March 22, 2023

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CSKA crushed Krasnodar (Zabolotny also scored!), And Wings put the squeeze on Dynamo in the 88th. Cup Review

Spartak controlled the first half through pressure and possession. Loko responded with Miranchuk’s exit and sharp corners

Spartak controlled the first half through pressure and possession. Loko responded with Miranchuk’s exit and sharp corners

Digest of the second day.

The second game day of the RPL Way in the FONBET Cup of Russia turned out to be more productive than the first – the teams scored 6 goals (only Krasnodar failed).

CSKA defeated Krasnodar (3:0) – the guests had no chance

CSKA nailed Krasnodar in the first half – 2:0 and another screwed up super chance of Jesus Medina. Krasnodar hit half as often (5 shots against 9) and did not create work for Igor Akinfeev.

CSKA quickly broke away in the account. In the 10th minute, a set-piece brought success: Medina filed high from a corner, Rocha hovered over the penalty area and skillfully threw it into the goalkeeper’s area, and Moizes shot past Matvey Safonov.

The ball was first canceled due to offside, but then we watched a replay and even without offside lines we realized that the goal was scored cleanly and should be counted.

But there were no questions about Fedor Chalov’s goal right away – and he was also scored after the standard (albeit at a second pace). Medina received the ball on the flank after winning back from Carrascal, re-filed – and Chalov, who was thrown in the goalkeeper’s area, just threw it into the corner.


The second half began with the advantage of CSKA – the Muscovites even earned a penalty: Medina was caught in the penalty area by Junior Alonso. After a long look, Carrascal put the ball into the crossbar.

In the end, CSKA still scored the third – Anton Zabolotny successfully jumped out to replace. For the striker, this is the first goal since November 2021 – 25 matches in 2022 went without goals.

CSKA defeated Krasnodar in the second match in a row – it was 4:1 in the championship.

CSKA – Krasnodar 3:0 (2:0, 1:0)
the date of the
February 23, 17.30,  VEB Arena
Online match
1:0 – 10  Moises , 2:0 – 30  Chalov , 3:0 – 86  Zabolotny .

CSKA – Akinfeev , Gayich , Nababkin , Moises , Willian Rocha , Oblyakov , Kuchaev ( Zgyelar , 85), Mendez , Medina ( Ermakov , 85), Carrascal , Chalov ( Zabolotny , 71).Krasnodar – Safonov , Alonso , Pantaleao , Ramirez , Kadi ( Banyats , 69), Pina ( Chernikov , 80), Spertsyan , Volkov , Ionov ( Akhmetov , 69), Cordoba , Kobnan David ( Olusegun , 80).

Kadi (45).

Dynamo equalized at the end, but Krylia scored more (on the 88th)

The confrontation between Krylia and Dynamo turned out to be tense. In the first half, the Samara team opened the score – the top scorer of the RPL Dmitry Pisarsky-Sychevoi, who moved from Orenburg in the winter, scored.

He also celebrated in style – with a baton. Fulfilled!

10 minutes before the end, Dynamo seemed to be saved: Konstantin Tyukavin, after a cool cross from Gladyshev, stuck the ball into the goal from as close a distance as possible.

However, the “Wings” eventually snatched the victory. The Spartak team played: Nikolai Rasskazov shot through, and Alexander Zuev, who appeared on the field a few minutes before, closed it – 2:1. On account of Rasskazov – the first effective action after the transition from Spartak.

A funny detail: all 16 shots in this match were on target (6 from Krylia and 10 from Dynamo). And the Moscow club is a client of Pisarsky: even under the name Sycheva, he played with Dynamo three times in the first half of the season and scored three goals.