March 22, 2023

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Dani Alves will not be released on bail – he will remain in prison until trial. What’s new in his case?

The situation for the Brazilian is getting worse.

On January 20, Dani Alves was arrested on suspicion of rape. We have already talked about the details of this case, but in the month since the arrest, the details have become more.

Let’s briefly recall what happened. A 23-year-old girl accused Alves of raping her in the bathroom of the Sutton nightclub on the night of December 30. On January 20, Dani was arrested without the right to post bail – so that he would not leave Spain. Now Alves faces 4 to 12 years in prison.

Alves’ lawyers tried to get Dani out of prison on bail and agreed to everything: the Brazilian was ready to surrender his passport, check in court every day and wear a bracelet with a location.

It did not help – on Tuesday, the Barcelona court refused to release Dani on bail and left him in prison until trial. According to Cuatro al dia, Alves took the court decision hard because he hoped to be released. Alves spent the whole morning after the decision was made in the cell in silence.

What news has emerged around the Alves case over the past month?

Testimony and evidence: 4th version of events from Alves, the results of the forensic examination and new footage from the cameras (everything is not in favor of Dani)


The victim said that she came to a nightclub with her friends, on the dance floor men of Mexican origin approached them and invited them to the VIP area. The girls refused, but then agreed. Alves was sitting at the table. He soon began to molest the applicant, placing her hand on his penis twice, despite resistance. Then Dani took the girl to the toilet. According to her, she wanted to leave as soon as she realized where she was, but Alves did not let her do this, sat on the toilet, pulled up her dress, asked her to say that she was his “little bitch”, and forced her to sit on top of him. He then pushed her to the floor and forced her to give him a blowjob, which the victim resisted. After that, the Brazilian hit her, picked her up from the floor and raped her.

Alves’ version changed three times: at first he said that he did not know the girl who accused him of raping him, then he stated that he had seen her, but there was nothing, and then he explained that this girl attacked him while he was going to relieve himself, and made him blow job.

It became:

According to Antena 3 journalist Carlos Quiles, Alves presented a fourth version of events and admitted for the first time that he and the complainant had had penetrative sex.

In court, Alves rather awkwardly explained why he presented so many different versions. “The truth is, I wanted to protect this girl. She walked straight towards me. I didn’t touch her,” ARA sources quoted Alves as saying.

A few days earlier, it had become known that the version of events given by the alleged victim’s cousin and their girlfriend, who were at the Sutton Club that night, matched those of the applicant. According toEFE, one girl said that he put his arm around her waist, another noted that Dani touched her private parts. The girls noted that the behavior of the Brazilian was unpleasant to them. The judge suggested that the second witness file a lawsuit against Alves, but she refused, “so as not to downplay the rape” of the first victim. The girls also confirmed the applicant’s statement that she did not know that the door through which she and Alves entered actually led to a toilet. Witnesses thought it led to a smoking area. Alves’ defense, in response to the words of the girls, stated that there were still inconsistencies in the testimony of the victim and witnesses.

The results of the forensic examination also appeared – the newspaper El Periódico spoke about them . According to her, the study confirmed that Alves had sex with the victim (note that Dani admitted this after the results of the examination). Experts studied the remains of sperm obtained after an intravaginal examination of the victim, sperm found on the girl’s underpants, and seminal fluid found on the floor of the nightclub toilet. All of these samples were obtained on the night immediately after the alleged rape. Two days later, the girl gave the police the dress she wore on the night of the incident, and traces of semen were also found on it. Comparing all four samples of seminal fluid with a DNA sample of Alves, which he voluntarily handed over to the investigation (probably saliva), the experts found that this was Dani’s sperm.