June 9, 2023

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Darwin could have led Liverpool to the League Cup quarter-finals, but inexplicably missed twice from killer positions. Try to explain his mistakes

High Angle View Of Various Sport Equipments On Green Grass

Darwin Nunez’s Thursday started with probably good (only for him) news: Roberto Firmino has been injured and will be out for more than a week with a calf injury. Darwin was not an iron starter in the first part of the season, so an attack by a position competitor seemed to reflect favorably on his mentality.

However, Nunes again had an unsuccessful match. Holland plunged already in the 10th minute, so it was necessary to answer – the Uruguayan caught the opponent’s line of defense great and ran one-on-one with Ortega without getting offside.

But missed.

In the first half, Nunez had one more moment – he punched at close range, but again unsuccessfully. And in the second half, he inexplicably missed another big moment. Here’s a cut of all of Darwin’s misses:

In 90 minutes, Darwin shot four times: none on target, three off target and one on a defender. However, there is also a positive moment – in the second half he ran away from Laporte and rolled Salah with an assist.

The score became equal (2:2), but after 10 minutes Ake scored the third goal and issued City a ticket to the 1/4 League Cup.