May 28, 2023

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Ex-Real Madrid player Zamorano called a young striker who is “more perfect than Mbappe and Haaland”

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“Today, in the world of modern football, it seems to me that Julian Alvarez is the most perfect striker of all,” said former Real Madrid star Ivan Zamorano.

“He is a boy who does everything well: he moves well on the flanks, he cuts through the defense very well. He plays well with his head, hits with both feet.

When you think of a player who would be good for the whole front line, he is the most perfect player. Haaland doesn’t play very well on the flanks, Mbappe doesn’t create much danger outside of his position… And Julian does it all.

He is undoubtedly the future of Argentine football,” finished the 55-year-old Zamorano.

Julián Alvarez was one of the brightest stars of the World Cup. The 22-year-old football player scored 4 goals and gave one assist during the competition.

Alvarez currently plays for Manchester City. He is the second striker after Erling Haaland.