June 9, 2023

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Exactly the month of Argentina’s World Cup victory. Let’s see how she was expected in Messi’s homeland

At the bottom, La Liga are arguing over VAR – they overlooked an offside goal. Federation and league blame each other

At the bottom, La Liga are arguing over VAR – they overlooked an offside goal. Federation and league blame each other

Hello! The Foot Tour Rama YouTube channel was rocking the World Cup but has something exciting in store for you. The first episode of 2023 will again take you to Argentina a couple of days before the final: Philip Kudryavtsev rolled up to Messi’s homeland, where he went around all the key locations associated with Leo and had a touching conversation with his children’s coach. And after the victory, he showed how a bus and a helicopter with the national team were waiting in Buenos Aires.

Hot Argentine release – on YouTube “Foot tour of the frame.” And here, exactly a month after the victory of Argentina over France – all the highlights.

Our guide is Juanchi, already familiar to you, an influential football journalist: together we go to the homeland of Messi. It dawns early in Buenos Aires, and it is also a green city – it is not for nothing that the name is translated as “good air”. The Rivera stadium is hidden in the crowns of trees. And we tear in Rosario.

If the jersey of the national team, then with the ten and the name of Messi – here the situation is exactly the same as in Qatar, and everywhere in the world. Older Argentines can still choose Di Maria or Emiliano Martinez, but children have only one choice.

Smoking is no worse than you can check in the local restrooms.

We enter Rosario along one of the country’s most important rivers, the Parana. Juanqui reports that before becoming the city of Messi, Rosario was considered a city of workers, merchants and boats.

At the monument in honor of the flag of Argentina (it was first presented in Rosario), we meet with the local Minister of Sports and Tourism, Adrian Guiglione. A symbolic place: it was during the World Cup that the blue and white canvas united the whole of Argentina.

Rosario is the birthplace of not only Messi, but also Di Maria. Kempes and Batistuta also launched their careers here. For Argentine football, local clubs Rosario Central and Newell’s Old Boys are extremely important, where Messi played before Barcelona.

Messi significantly raised the popularity of Rosario, played a wedding here, looks here on vacation, “loves the city and carries this love with him.” Adrian is proud, even when his homeland flashes in stories about Leo: “Messi is the best ambassador who can only represent us.”

As in Russia, domestic tourism is growing in Argentina – and Rosario, of course, thanks Messi for this: “There are no places in hotels at weekends. We began to hold meetings of congresses and confederations: the organizers are trying to bring people here.” Foreigners also tend to the homeland of the legend.

Guiglione heard on the radio the day before a local resident spoke of his dream: “It would be great if we won the World Cup and Messi and Di Maria returned to play in Rosario!” The Minister believes that this is achievable.

Adrian marvels at how many Argentines have rushed to Qatar despite poverty, monstrous inflation and regular defaults. “They fly to the final without tickets, someone is selling a car. This does not fit in the head, it can not be explained by logic. Such a passion for football and how the city enjoys it!” Guiglione expressed hope that the victory at the World Cup would unite the country on all fronts. I wonder if the effect is already being felt?

Adrian watches the entire World Cup in the same chair and forbade his wife to hang a picture in blue and white at home: “We don’t change anything! We are very attentive to such things.”