March 22, 2023

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Far Eastern comebacks, Ak Bars struggle for leadership, reshuffle of forces below

Far Eastern comebacks, Ak Bars struggle for leadership, reshuffle of forces below

Far Eastern comebacks, Ak Bars struggle for leadership, reshuffle of forces below

On the 21st chronological week in the KHL, the new leader of the East skated the hardest matches against clubs that were far from ideal, and Ak Bars came close to the first position. On LiveSport.Ru we discuss the moments that the regular season was remembered for in the past seven days.

“Siberia” is beaten by Far Eastern teams


Nikita Grebyonkin in a match with Sibir
HC “Amur”

Sibir started last week in the newly acquired status of the conference leader. In the Monday match, she was preparing to launch a cycle of showdowns in the Far East and extend her personal unbeaten streak to five runs in a row. Alas, Amur decided to wedge into the plans of the Novosibirsk residents with their own.

On the ice in Novosibirsk, the team of Andrey Martemyanov put out the Khabarovsk team with a handicap of 3 goals already in the first half of the first period, and on the 14th second of the second the score became 4:1. But then the party wanted to steer “Cupid” alone.

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In the second twenty-minute hockey players of Vadim Epanchintsev reduced the gap to a minimum, and in two minutes of the third twenty they took the lead, after which they finished off Siberia with another puck. The result is an ultra comeback and 6:4 in favor of the guests.

An ideal day in Novosibirsk turned out to be for the entire team from Khabarovsk, but for forward Nikita Grebenkin it became great. The 19-year-old striker hit a double and gave an effective pass, gaining a total of 3 points (2 + 1).


“Admiral” – “Siberia”
HC “Admiral”

The mega match in Novosibirsk was followed by play-offs at the Fetisov Arena, where Martemyanov’s team allowed too much to the half-dead Admiral . That in the first game, that in the second, Siberia got a head start of 2 goals by the third period, but each time, refusing to take free life lessons, it gave the sailors a chance to pull out the game.


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If in the first meeting Sibir hardly managed to win on shootouts (3:2 B), then in the second meeting they fell on the ice in overtime (4:5 OT).Having lost three points in the Far East clashes, Novosibirsk made things difficult for themselves in the table. Instead of a probable distance, they caught up with Ak Bars on points and outperformed Avto by just a point.


Ak Bars wants to lead the East


“Green Derby” in Ufa

The unexpected defeats of Sibir, the traditional flights of Avtomobilist and the victory over one of the direct competitors brought Ak Bars close to the first line. With “Siberia” Kazan synchronized both in points scored (73) and in the number of matches played (57).

Last week, the “leopards” skated four meetings: they achieved victories in three, and stole a point in another. Semidnevka began with the removal of the cadaverous “Tractor” (4:1), after which the hockey players of Zinetula Bilyaletdinov grappled with “Salavat Yulaev” in the “Green Derby”, which was passed in overtime (1:2 OT).


  • The game turned out to be very interesting, I think the fans liked it. The game was emotional, a little overwhelmed. The teams played for the result, it was evident. Unfortunately, we were a little unlucky, but we will work, there is something to improve our game.
  • Zinetula Bilyaletdinov about the match with Salavat Yulaev

After the defeat in Ufa, the Kazan coach promised to “correct the shortcomings”. And it seems that the shortcomings have been eliminated. In the game on January 27, Ak Bars scored a major victory over Metallurg Mg thanks to Kirill Semenov ‘s brace (3:2 OT), and Kazan summed up the week with another kill of Traktor (6:0).


It’s Hot Again in the Western Table


Daniil Isaev in the game against SKA

In the West, the showdown for the final distribution in the top three has once again revived, where three teams at once – Lokomotiv , CSKA and Torpedo – scored the same number of points (76).

Lokomotiv’s statistics last week included two wins in three meetings. At first, the Yaroslavl team took out Vityaz (3:1) at home, and then put SKA down thanks to Alexander Polunin ‘s only puck in the game (1:0).


  • Polunin’s puck brought Lokomotiv victory over SKA
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Rusk at the Arena-2000 made Igor Nikitin’s team the first in the current season to manage not to miss from SKA. Young goalkeeper Daniil Isaev scored a shutout thanks to 20 saves. Against this background, the defeat from the unstable Avtomobilist in the home game on the 29th (0:1) turned out to be the most offensive.


Torpedo – CSKA
HC “Torpedo”

CSKA , third in the West, had a rotten week that included three defeats in four matches. At its beginning, the team of Sergei Fedorov leaked the rounds to personal competitors – Torpedo (1:3) and SKA (1:3), after which they crushed the series with a victory over Amur (3:1). In the last meeting, held in the capital, CSKA was seated to defeat the hockey players of Severstal (1:4).


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Steeper than direct rivals last week held “Torpedo” . Nizhny Novgorod skated three matches in which they scored 6 points, and began their series with an important victory over CSKA (3:1). In the aforementioned meeting, 25-year-old goalkeeper Adam Huska switched all attention to his person , who made a record 43 saves for himself. Later, the torpedo men smeared Spartak (4:0) and finished off Dynamo Minsk (3:2 B). One of the two goals in regular time was loaded by 19-year-old defender Gleb Ivanov . For him, this is the first goal in the KHL.


Underdogs kill each other for the playoffs


Barys – Traktor
HC “Barys”

Spartak (58 points), Severstal (58) and Dynamo Minsk (57) are participating in the showdown for the top 8 in the West . Last week, the Red-Whites defeated the Zubrs in overtime (4:3 OT) in a face-to-face meeting and lost in two other matches.

The Minskers, in addition to Spartak, flew in Torpedo, and squeezed the only victory in the week from Kunlun. Severstal, being away from the party of full-time intersections, dismantled Barys and CSKA, but lost to Salavat.


  • CSKA lost big to Severstal
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In the lower part of the Eastern Hemisphere, there have been important changes in the last week. Neftekhimik jumped to eighth place with 57 points. According to the points scored, he is on a par with the ninth Barys and is one point ahead of the tenth Amur . And only “Tractor” , which fell to the bottom of the table, suspended the race.

During the week, Neftekhimik flew into Amur, and Barys knocked out Traktor, for which the previous seven days had become a horror based on real events:three defeats in four matches with 4+ goals conceded in each.


KHL: top matches of the new week


SKA in the “army derby”

In the early Monday slot , Amur will cut to death at home with Sibir after the atomic match on January 23, and the top meeting between SKA and Torpedo will close the game day .

On Tuesday, January 31, the game in Nizhnekamsk attracts special attention, where Neftekhimik , who previously defeated Avtomobilist , can more reliably settle in the playoff zone and influence the showdown between the leaders of the East.

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On Wednesday, February 1 , “Ak Bars” will arrange a kneading with “Barys” , as a result of which it is able to call in first place in the conference. On the same evening, SKA will host Loko . Yaroslavl knocked out St. Petersburg in the last two head-to-head matches.

On a busy Friday day, the KHL gives 7 matches at once. However, the fattest highlighter, of course, will be the meeting between SKA and Ak Bars . Perhaps by then it will be a slaughter of the leaders of the two conferences.