March 27, 2023

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Ferrari bingo: watch any F1 Grand Prix like a true tifosi

Medvedev again grumbled at the courts, twisted his leg terribly – but he won! Already 17 wins in a row

Medvedev again grumbled at the courts, twisted his leg terribly – but he won! Already 17 wins in a row

2023 is definitely your year.

Ferrari is the most titled and adored Formula 1 team, the team of the main engineering talents of Italy, the eternal favorite and the main component of the main series of the planet. Both the bosses and the owners of F-1 admit: without Ferrari, the championship would not have become itself.

And from Ferrari every year expect poles, victories and dominance “as in the era of Schumacher.” Every year, the company’s chiefs voice the goal – not just the fight for the title, but its conquest and the battle for victory in every race. Every year at the presentation, the car is called “unprecedentedly fast” and made with a radical approach – in full accordance with the goals.

However, every year something goes wrong. In 2022, fails and amazing mistakes happened literally at every stage , and Ferrari decided to change the boss – the place of Mattia Binotto, who grew up in the Italian structure, was taken by an experienced French engineer Frederic Wasser.

And … Nothing has changed: at the first race of 2023, parts fell off at the Scuderia, the same engine part broke twice , Leclerc retired instead of fighting for the podium, and the second Grand Prix will already start with a fine for overspending engine components .

In parallel with the investigation into the causes of new failures (which happened after Vasser’s assurances in the style of “dealing with reliability” ), rumors came from Ferrari about dissatisfaction with the management structure , the departure of a number of key employees and, in general, large internal operational problems.

It looks like tifosi will be about as fun in 2023 as it was in 2022 – so why not watch the races like a Ferrari fan? After all, Sebastian Vettel said: “Everyone is a Ferrari fan, even if they don’t know that they are a Ferrari fan.”

We’ve got the Ferrari-Bingo for you – follow the Grand Prix with him from day one and cross out with the Scuderia from Thursday’s early media sessions to Sunday’s post-race interviews!

What square do you think will be the most crossed out by the end of the season?