March 26, 2023

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“Frank help to Italian teams.” Fans believe that the draw was made convenient for Serie A clubs

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The Real Story Behind The Goodfellas: Basketball Helped Solve the Biggest Heist in American History

Another attempt to accuse of fraud.

After the draw for the quarter-finals and semi-finals of the Champions League, football fans once again built a conspiracy theory. This time, the focus of the accusations is a scenario convenient for Italian teams.

Hamit Altintop and Patrick Kluivert were assigned to take the balls out of the bowl today. Altıntop was chosen, apparently due to the fact that the final will be held in his home country – Turkey.

There was a lot of intrigue before the start, as four teams at once this season are named among the main contenders for victory – City, Bayern, Madrid and Napoli.

City fans were clearly not happy with the results of the draw, because first they have to play with Bayern, and then they can get to Madrid. The Creamy, in turn, will defend the title against Chelsea, a repeat of last year.

All this meant that the second half of the draw would be filled with Serie A teams: Inter got to Benfica, and Milan and Napoli decided among themselves which Italian team would get to the semi-finals. It turns out that in the semi-final there will be one representative from Italy, while the other team (Inter) has a good chance of passing.

Fans felt that the high chance of the Italian team in the final was not just a coincidence.

💭 They just shamelessly sent a Serie A team to the Champions League final. Tell me it’s not all a hoax.

💭 Why do Napoli always have easy teams, while the four heaviest teams play each other? Although, on the other hand, in what universe is it harder to play against Chelsea than against Napoli?

💭 It feels like Naples is being dragged to the final or even to victory.

💭 As if this is someone’s cunning and skillful script.

💭 Wait, you want to tell me that Milan, Napoli, Inter and Benfica have a chance to play in the Champions League final? Wow.