March 22, 2023

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Guardiola in the Champions League: 9 semi-finals, two titles with Barca – and none since

Javi Gracia is a man who can bring positive back to Leeds

Javi Gracia is a man who can bring positive back to Leeds

New entry from City.

Pep has only been coaching for 15 years, but has long been a legend.

Guardiola only missed one Champions League season (recharging batteries between Barcelona and Bayern). He is in fourth place in terms of the number of matches – next to coaches who have worked for 30+ years.

• Benítez and Van Gaal qualified for the club. In the net ranking, they did not reach a hundred – both have 95.

• Of the top ten, only three have not won the Champions League: Allegri, Lucescu and Wenger.

Here’s how Guardiola’s teams performed in the main European tournament.

•‎ Pep won the Champions League twice, and also became the king of the semi-finals – 9 exits!

• Manchester City’s best period in terms of number and percentage of wins, goals scored and margin. He is the worst in terms of number of defeats, goals conceded.

And in general, Guardiola flew to the semi-finals only with City – in Barcelona and Bayern, Pep did not stop until 1/2.

“For many years I had the feeling that what we have been doing for many years is doomed to failure. Whatever I do personally, I will fail. It will always be not enough, ”Pep said before the match with Leipzig.

See for yourself – it really doesn’t work with Man City (by Guardiola’s standards):

2016/17. Eliminated from Monaco due to the away goals rule (5:3 at home, 1:3 away).

2017/18. We lost to Liverpool without a chance (0:3, 1:2), before the first match, Liverpool fans attacked the City bus.

2018/19. Again the rule of away goals – played with Tottenham 0:1, 4:3. Sterling’s goal was not enough – it was canceled by VAR.

2019/20. After the defeat, Laporte again recalled VAR (Lyon’s second goal was scored after a possible foul), but with the score 1:2, Sterling missed from here:

2020/21. Minimal defeat in the final and injury to De Bruyne.

2021/22. One of the best comebacks in history. Real Madrid turned the game around in 90 seconds.

A new attempt starts differently.

“After this press conference, I will eat well, drink good wine, watch Real Madrid – Liverpool, Napoli are always nice to watch, and then I will prepare for the game. Let this [Champions League] be for the players. Let’s try again,” Guardiola said.