June 7, 2023

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How Conor starred in the remake of “Roadhouse”: broke bottles on heads and worked 15 hours without stuntmen

Things are bad for SKA: 0 goals (2nd time in a season), Gusev was put on the bench, they failed in the minority

Things are bad for SKA: 0 goals (2nd time in a season), Gusev was put on the bench, they failed in the minority

He said that he became the highest paid debutant in cinema.

Conor McGregor ‘s ‘Road House’ remake has officially wrapped filming. The film will be released in 2023. 

How was the filming process for Conor’s film debut?

McGregor became friends with Gyllenhaal and filmed 15 hours a day

In the center of the plot of the new “Roadhouse” is a bouncer with a fighting past, Elwood Dalton. According to the creators of the project, the film will be not so much a remake as a rethinking of the original.

What role Conor will play is still unknown. He does not reveal this information, and the Amazon studio is still not talking about plot details and character names. Fans are speculating that McGregor will play Jimmy Reno, the right-hand man of the antagonist from the original film.

The Roadhouse remake will star Jake Gyllenhaal, whose experience helped Conor a lot during the filming process.

“Gyllenhaal is a great guy. Simply magnificent. He was very patient with me and I was very patient with him. We both understood and respected each other’s skills, our strengths. Now he is my close friend. We made a great film and I gave it my all.”

According to McGregor, working on the set is hard work, which takes more effort than preparing for fights: “Yes, I liked the filming process. But it was very hard. So hard that now everything else seems incredibly easy. No training camp, no fight and no press conference can compare to the process of making a film. We worked 15 hours a day, memorized lines and constantly rehearsed.

“That asshole definitely doesn’t look like me.” Conor gave up stunt doubles and did his own stunts 

The first photos from the set hit the net in January. On them, Conor, along with Gyllenhaal, are filming an action scene on a boat. MacGregor himself shared these shots , saying that he performed all the stunts in the film himself:

“Let me seem like a narcissistic asshole, but none of the stuntmen invited to shoot was like me. I looked at one stunt double and thought, “No, that asshole doesn’t exactly look like me.” A great guy, but the appearance is completely different. So I did all the stunts myself. Of course, it was very difficult.

I spent days rehearsing fight scenes, throwing big guys over bar counters, smashing glass bottles on their heads. I don’t want to reveal details, but it was a crazy experience.”

Conor said that he became the highest paid debutant in the history of cinema: “Add this to all my other achievements.” But later removed the publication from social networks.

Filming of several scenes took place during a real UFC tournament. At the weigh-in ceremony, Gyllenhaal had a battle of looks with ex-fighter of the organization Jay Heron, and in the preliminary card of the tournament, the shooting moved to the octagon. Conor did not appear in these scenes – probably the role in the film is not related to his real profile.

Perhaps McGregor’s career in Hollywood won’t last long. He stated that he would take a break from filming and wanted to do another 100 fights: “They call me back to the cinema, but I haven’t decided yet. Let’s see how my first attempt ends. The only thing I’m thinking about right now is fighting.”