May 28, 2023

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How De Gea gave the goal to Everton! Let Mope find the crack from zero angle

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Manchester United beat Everton in the third round of the FA Cup (3:1). The match at Old Trafford turned out to be a difficult one for Ten Hag’s team despite Anthony’s quick goal. And all because of the mistake of David De Gea.

In the 14th minute, Neil Mope found a crack from zero angle, and De Gea awkwardly missed the ball between his legs. This allowed Conor Cody to push the goal straight from the goalkeeper’s area.

De Gea ruined his holiday a bit. The Spanish goalkeeper is one of the top 10 players with the most appearances for Manchester United. David has 511 games, only real legends are higher. It would be nice to mark such an achievement with a dry game.

Surprisingly, this goal was De Gea’s first conceded goal in 5 matches since November 13th. A dry streak of four games is an excellent result. It’s still going on in the Premier League.

Another interesting fact: De Gea has not missed Old Trafford since September 8 from the Europa League match against Real Sociedad. Not a single goal in 7 games. A beautiful series has ended. Despite such a series of dry matches, the statistics do not speak in favor of De Gea. According to the data, the Spaniard conceded 2.1 goals more than expected in the Premier League. 

But in the end, the same Cody at the beginning of the second half ridiculously cut the ball into his own net after Rashford’s cross. And in stoppage time, Markus also converted a penalty.