March 22, 2023

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How Medvedev doesn’t like the courts in Indian Wells! Said the organizers were lying and threatened to slowly go to the toilet

“I have been commenting on football for 16 years. And I don’t understand anything at all.” Naguchev shocked by refereeing in Rostov

“I have been commenting on football for 16 years. And I don’t understand anything at all.” Naguchev shocked by refereeing in Rostov

“Liars. Liars!

Daniil Medvedev continues his unbeaten streak – after defeating Ilya Ivashko in the third round in Indian Wells, she has reached 16 matches. The winning streak was longer in his career only once, when in 2020-2021 he won 20 in a row.

But difficulties arose against the Belarusian – Medvedev gave up a set for the first time in the last 9 matches (6:2, 3:6, 6:1).

In Indian Wells, it is always difficult for Daniil, because there is a very slow court. Even after a convincing victory in the second round, he said: “This is probably the slowest hard on the tour, so in many draws everything was determined by who was the first to make a mistake, because it’s hard to do something yourself. So you need to endure – like on the ground.

During the second set with Ivashko and after it, it was very difficult for Medvedev to endure. At 3-5, he lost a 28-punch exchange by mistake, and sarcastic thumbs went flying towards the box.

And after the set, the Russian started a rather funny conversation with the judge Mohamed Layani.

DM: I’m going to the toilet.

ML: Yes, yes.

DM: And I will write as slowly as the game goes on this court.

ML: (Laughs). No no no.

DM: Court is slow and I will be slow.

Layani tried to divert the conversation into a constructive direction – he wanted to know what exactly the sixth rating number would do in the toilet in order to determine how long the break should last (according to the rules, a simple trip to the restroom is given three minutes, but if the player is also changing clothes, then five ).

But Medvedev did not give in.

ML: Are you going to change clothes?

DM: No, but I will go so slowly.

ML: Time will pass when you enter the toilet. So go.

DM: Yes, but…

ML: Please, just accept it. You are a professional.

DM: I don’t. It’s not hard. They write in the facts about the tournament that it takes place on hard. I was lied to.

Leaving the court – rather quickly – Medvedev was talking about something with the supervisor sitting in the stands.

And he did not fulfill his promise – less than two minutes passed between his departure from the court and his return. And Ivashko, who also left the site, returned even a little later. In general, three minutes after the conversation with Layani, the match resumed.