March 22, 2023

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How much Makhachev, Volkanovski and UFC will earn for a title fight in Australia

FIFA has announced the final three contenders for the Puskas Prize. One of them will definitely amaze you

FIFA has announced the final three contenders for the Puskas Prize. One of them will definitely amaze you

Islam Makhachev and Alex Volkanovski will fight in a title fight at UFC 284 in Australia. Makhachev will hold the first defense, and Volkanovski will rise from featherweight to lightweight for the first time since 2016.

They agreed to fight in October 2022, when Makhachev defeated Charles Oliveira and took the belt. Then the sterdown took place right in the octagon. Now Makhachev and Volkanovski will put on a championship show.

How much will all parties earn?

For the title with Oliveira Makhachev received about a million dollars, and now he is dissatisfied with the promotion of the fight with Volkanovski

Makhachev talked about the correspondence between the figures in the media and his real monetary awards: “My fees never coincided. Or more indicated, or less. I don’t know where this information comes from. There he explained the details about personal bonuses from Dana White. He sends them to some fighters a month after the fights. The amount is 5-10 thousand dollars.

Why do we make materials about money at all, even if Makhachev talks about the discrepancy between the amounts? There are several important inputs: the absence of official figures and the correct principle of counting. UFC fighters usually don’t disclose earnings for fights. Therefore, all the details on them are published according to insiders and fragmentary facts from interviews.

How are the fees of fighters in the UFC in general:

• Guaranteed money for entering the fight;

• Bonus for winning;

• Percentage from the sale of the broadcast of the event;

• Advertising money;

• Extra money from the UFC (best fight and others);

• That possible money from Dana White.

In April 2020, Makhachev talked about signing a new contract with the UFC. Then he said in detail that now he earns more than 150 thousand for each fight. He explained: he started with 10 + 10, and later went to 80 + 80. The first digit in this case just meant a guaranteed payout, the second – a bonus for winning. In the UFC, Makhachev lost only once.

Then Makhachev’s contract was designed for four fights. Even taking into account the veracity of these figures, they did not fully disclose Makhachev’s fee. A percentage of the sale of broadcasts is already paid heavily after the fight. Extra money from the UFC comes immediately, but you can’t earn it on every fight night. The same goes for money from White himself.

Entering the title with Oliveira brought Makhachev figures of a completely different level. Totalsportal collected all the details on his money for the championship fight –Makhachev’s total earnings then went over a million dollars. What was included in this amount: 500 thousand (guaranteed payment) + 100 (win bonus) + 350 (percentage of broadcasts) + 32 (advertising) + 50 (UFC bonus).

The President of Fight Nights Global, Kamil Gadzhiev, before that, from the outside, estimated Makhachev’s income – he called the amount in the region of 500 thousand dollars. If he meant a payout for entering the octagon, then everything matches. In assessing Makhachev’s money for the next fight with Volkanovski, it is worth starting from just such a mark. With a footnote on the sign of the fight between the two champions, he will earn more.

Makhachev started out in the UFC on a small contract, but that never really bothered him. Position: Big money will come with time. In the end, it turned out that way, but only now Makhachev is reaching the top level. Two weeks before the new fight, he even complained about the lack of promotion. Gave the idea that you can do a world tour.