May 28, 2023

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How covered the World Cup – Vlad Voronin and Yaroslav Susov in the Siren Podcast

Usyk vs Fury is a superbill that we will never wait for. Will there be a fight at all?

Usyk vs Fury is a superbill that we will never wait for. Will there be a fight at all?

The FIFA World Cup is a holiday for fans. But for football players and sports writers, this is a time of hard and constant work. How to cover such major tournaments, how to prepare topics and texts, and is it so pleasant to go on a business trip to the World Cup?

Discussed these and other issues with editor-in-chief Vlad Voronin and author Yaroslav Susov

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0:00 Guests of the Siren Podcast – Vlad Voronin and Yaroslav Susov

0:45 “Qatar dissolved so that people from other countries could get high” Yaroslav about what he remembered at the World Cup

3:40 “Average 30 texts a day” The editors released over 600 texts during the World Cup. How did it work?

5:25 “Already in the summer it became clear that we would write a lot about culture and history” How did the editors prepare for the coverage of the World Cup?

8:35 “Argentine championship texts were ready for the start of the final.” And how does the editorial staff adapt to the events at the tournament?

11:50 A lot of texts came out – did people read all of this or did the materials not get views because of their number?

14:10 Yaroslav – about sponsorship integration in Qatar, food at the stadiums and why the activity at the Ural match is more interesting than at the World Cup

17:28 How FIFA made an AR application for studying player statistics

20:00 How and where did Yaroslav find Panini stickers, although they ended in Qatar a month before the tournament

21:04 “We focus on what is not seen on TV” What is a business trip for a football journalist? And why did Vlad Voronin laugh after the question?

22:30 Yaroslav found an Iranian who opposes the authorities in the country. A story about journalistic success

26:04 The most popular themes of the World Cup? And again about Messi

29:51 The best matches of the World Cup, according to Yaroslav

32:05 Yaroslav’s hardest text in this tournament? Spoiler – it’s about France

34:09 In what conditions did Yaroslav live in Qatar?

34:57 The best matches of the World Cup, according to Vlad