March 22, 2023

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Huge lips, bats and a Christmas deer. Yes, Napoli really play in these shirts

It turns out Usyk and Fury have a shared love for the Manchester United legend. We tell you what’s what

It turns out Usyk and Fury have a shared love for the Manchester United legend. We tell you what’s what

Already rolled out 9 sets – the fun continues.

3-4 kit designs for a season are boring, Napoli and Giorgio Armani’s EA7 brand have long been considered. Last season, the club presented more than 10 kits , and this season the Neapolitans are not far behind. President Aurelio De Laurentiis warned of this back in the summer:

“Last season we had 12-13 shirts. This will probably be the same.”

So far, the Neapolitans are on schedule. For Valentine’s Day, the club has already released the ninth kit this season – three for Serie A, three for European competitions and now the third holiday kit.

With huge red lips on the T-shirt, Luciano Spalletti’s team unexpectedly flew out of the Cup (2:2, 4:5 on penalties from Cremonese).

Judging by the public reaction, the fans are clearly not enthusiastic about such experiments perhaps, “Napoli is saved from fan anger only by the first place in the table.

Or the fans have not moved away from the club’s previous celebratory T-shirt – with a Christmas reindeer!

No, this is not just merch, the team really played in this uniform at the training camp. It remains to wait for the debut of the kit in Serie A, which is definitely not excluded.

The Halloween kit for Napoli is already a tradition: if last season they put cobwebs on the kit, then this season they have bats. Fearfully?

A frightening set was successfully played against Torino (3:1).

The form is trolled by the fans (they are waiting for the 10th kit by Easter) and even the players themselves. Perhaps the club will return to Umbro

Napoli are responsible for the production and distribution of kits, using only designs from EA7. This is the club’s experiment in making money from selling T-shirts. However , it was noticed on Twitter that the designers did not work very hard on the same Christmas set.

It is enough to drive in reindeer.png (“reindeer”) in Google to get those very pictures in the first issue. It remains only to combine them, add them to a T-shirt and sell them for 125 euros.a

Players and fans have fun as they can.

After the form debuted, Victor Osimhen troll teammate Mario Rui by uploading an edited photo of him with the caption: “Who did this to my brother?”

Fans are already predicting what Napoli might surprise next. With some apprehension, they are waiting for the approach of Easter, sharing comic ideas.

However, the site about kits Footy Headlines, citing an insider about Napoli kits, reported that the Easter jersey is not included in the plans of the club for this season.

And the Italian edition of NSS Magazine even reported that next season Napoli could reunite with Umbro, with whom the club collaborated from 1991 to 1994. Rare but memorable jerseys from that period are in demand among fans and collectors.

Umbro is currently not represented in either Serie A or Serie B. Are we waiting for the British to return to the Italian market, or is it still more fun to watch EA7 experiments?