May 27, 2023

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“I am happy with Akatieva’s victory because it is a victory for pure sport.” Valieva conceded – is everything fair?

High Angle View Of Various Sport Equipments On Green Grass

The main start of the figure season – the Russian Championship – finished loudly in Krasnoyarsk: historical equality in points among the male leaders, the country’s best dancers with constant falls, revenge in pairs and, of course, the overthrow of Valieva, who was not helped by the restored quads.

Pavel Kopachev , Polina Krutikhina , Ivan Kuznetsov and Nastya Zhavoronkova comprehended all this, forgetting about those who for some reason did not go on the ice in Krasnoyarsk: Trusova, Kolyada, Davis / Smolkin. Can you guess who got hit hard and who got only applause?


Timestamps for your convenience:

0:00 Vanya remembers how he won 8000 with the help of Shcherbakova

3:51 the problem of Khudaiberdiyeva and Bazin is not in the falls, but in the reaction to them

7:34 is it embarrassing to fall in ice dancing?

11:47 Nastya explains why the rules in dancing work for Khudaiberdiyeva and Bazin

16:54 we are looking for our place in the dustbin of history and counting the components of Lisa and Egor

20:09 Why are Mishina and Gallyamov avoided being called Olympic champions?

24:18 Pasha believes that Boikova and Kozlovsky are the favorites of the 2026 Olympics

26:10 Is there no place for self-expression in pair skating?

30:11 it turns out that they win with falls not only in Russian dances

34:27 we refute Trankov’s words that judges in Russia do not like Tarasova and Morozov

39:11 traditional four minutes about Vetlugin and Kolyada

43:09 the coincidence of scores between Gumennik and Semenenko is a rare but not unique story

47:35 arguing with Yagudin, who said that men’s skating in Russia is a pain

52:27 why Goumennik loses free program?

55:29 How are Valiyeva’s silver and Khudaiberdiyeva’s gold related?

58:39 why Trusova and Kondratyuk withdrew from the Russian Championship, but do not refuse the show?

1:03:17 what do Trusova, Zagitova and Davis / Smolkin have in common?

1:07:24 Should athletes talk about their injuries?

1:11:18 “to rejoice at the bronze of Tuktamysheva as a flight into space is strange”

1:18:48 Valieva’s admission to the competition without a CAS decision – is this normal?

1:25:52 Polina tells what is the uniqueness of Akatieva and what is the tragedy of Kostornaya