June 7, 2023

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“I don’t know what it was.” Supercombback of Kazakhstan from 0:2: turned the game with Denmark in 15 minutes

More than 15 thousand without Fan ID on CSKA – 2Drots! One and a half times more than at Zenith

More than 15 thousand without Fan ID on CSKA – 2Drots! One and a half times more than at Zenith


Kazakhstan epicly outplayed the Danish national team in the Euro 2024 qualifying match – 3:2.

The hosts were burning 0:2 already by the 35th minute. They allowed too much to 20-year-old Rasmus Heilund, the Atalanta striker in fantastic shape, now scored a double, and a couple of days ago scored three goals to Finland. This is only Rasmus’ fourth cap for the national team.

It seemed that nothing was going to happen to Kazakhstan, but after the break, an action movie began.

⚽️73′ – CSKA midfielder Bakhtiyor Zainutdinov launched a comeback – converted a penalty. But Bakhtiyer is just returning from a shin injury, which he received in early February.

⚽️86′ – Askhat Tagybergen equalized. And he did it very epic: he threw Kasper Schmeichel from 30 meters. Fantastic kick!

⚽️89′ – Three minutes later, Kazakhstan finally shocked the favorite: the winning goal was scored by forward Abat Aimbetov, who emotionally marked the goal – and after 7 minutes left the field.

The Danes did not have time to answer, and Kazakhstan won a historic victory over the top team.

Head coach Magomed Adiev is delighted: 

“We are glad we won. After an unpleasant defeat at home, to some extent, they owed the fans. I wanted to rehabilitate myself, but we understood that the opponent was not easy.

We had nowhere to retreat – we talked about this with the guys. The first half didn’t go the way we wanted. We ourselves brought two goals. There was a certain burden of responsibility, and in the second half we already began to interact more easily and tipped the scales in our favor. It is not easy for opponents to be here. I accepted a certain amount of criticism after Slovenia. I deserved it, and criticism is deep down, too, feelings. I know how much they love us, and today they drove us forward – we found an additional incentive. Thanks to them for their support!”

The Danes are in shock, Captain Simon Kjer did not understand anything: “Oh, I have to watch what I say right now. It’s embarrassing. You can’t lead 2:0 and lose 2:3 like that. I don’t know what it was. In the second half, we ran after the ball, not owned it. We have to take responsibility and move on.”

Kazakhstan is so good? And who is there to follow?

Here are some of the brightest faces of the Kazakhstan national team.

•‎ Magomed Adiev led the national team in April 2022. Prior to that, Adiev played in Spartak and CSKA, coached the PFL and FNL clubs, and in the 18/19 season he tried to save Anji from the bottom. The coach is closely connected with Kazakhstan: in 2003 he won the bronze of the KPL in Zhenis and in 2021 he headed Shakhtar Karaganda, with whom he performed well in European competitions. 

• You know about Zainutdinov. The midfielder of CSKA played 15 games in the World RPL-2022 \ 23: although he did not score with effective actions, he brings a lot of benefits. A versatile player who is already being promoted to Serie A by former club defender Herdur Magnusson.

•‎ Askhat Tagybergen – Ordabasy midfielder from Shymkent. He is already 32 years old, behind a significant career in Kazakh football, among the main clubs are “Astana” and “Tobol”. Askhat is also a captain in the national team.