March 22, 2023

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“I have been commenting on football for 16 years. And I don’t understand anything at all.” Naguchev shocked by refereeing in Rostov

It turns out he’s still playing. Skrtel, who ended his career, scored a cool goal from a free kick

It turns out he’s still playing. Skrtel, who ended his career, scored a cool goal from a free kick

“Rostov” approached the record for penalties.

Rostov and Pari NN (2:1) effectively closed the 19th round of the RPL. The curious goal of the guests was eclipsed by regular refereeing mistakes. 

The first goal of “Rostov” was scored with a violation? Naguchev and former referee think yes

Rostov was helped by a corner in the 55th minute: Melekhin won the fight at the near post and knocked the ball high – Goylo flew past, and Langovich sent it to the empty ones.

The chief arbiter of the meeting, Anton Frolov, was called to the monitor – it seemed that Osipenko had fouled Goylo in a horse fight.

But Frolov read out the goal. The decision shocked Roman Naguchev, it seemed to the commentator that the referee was mistaken. “I don’t ask any more questions because I don’t understand how some referees interpret certain episodes.

Today I started the report by saying that I hope that we will not see anything similar to what happened yesterday in Krasnodar, when the referee counts the ball for all other offside options known to world football.

And today the goal was also counted, although we saw that Osipenko hit the goalkeeper with his hand, one might even say, the goalkeeper’s hand, which played the ball, and, perhaps, because of this, the ball game turned out to be uncertain.

I don’t know, I don’t have any at all… I don’t understand. Sorry, I do not understand.I have been commenting on football for 16 years. And I don’t understand anything at all.It didn’t count in my opinion. Maybe I’m wrong”.

Former referee Anatoly Sinyaev agrees with the commentator: “I think the goal should have been cancelled. Osipenko hits the goalkeeper’s hand, and it is because of this action that the goalkeeper misses the ball.

Rostov brought further, but still won – a penalty kick helped. This time seems to be fair

In the 64th minute, Rostov himself helped the guests to recoup by arranging a risky pass in the penalty area. Melekhin received a pass from Pesyakov, got under pressure, turned around and sent the ball to the center. But none of the teammates were there – Suleymanov easily rolled into the net.

And that is not all. At the very end of the match, the referee used VAR twice: on the 86th he canceled the penalty (Yansane really didn’t play with his hand), and already in stoppage time he whistled in favor of Rostov.

At first, Frolov did not notice the violation and only after a prompt from the VAR did he go to the monitor: already there he saw that Kornyushin had punched Golenkov in the face. The Pari NN player received a yellow card, and Osipenko converted a penalty and brought the team victory.

Rostovites have already taken 12 penalties in 19 matches World RPL – 5 more than the nearest pursuers: Sochi and Dynamo have 7 each. Karpin’s team is on the record for the Russian championships, it is still shared by Krasnodar -2021/22 and Krylya Sovetov -2004 – 13 each. Rostov only had to break through from the point once to catch up, and two – for an absolutely better result.

The referee failed the match?

Seems to be yes. Here is the opinion of Anatoly Sinyaev .

The youngest RPL ref (30 years old) will receive a very low score, which is evident from several decisions. 

• Didn’t cancel Rostov’s goal – minus 1 point (didn’t correct the mistake after review). The Rostov player played into the goalkeeper’s hand, and it was because of this that the goalkeeper did not reach the ball. Hardly support. I don’t rule it out though. In dynamics, the moment looked ok. Please note that in the 99th minute Frolov whistled a foul on Pesyakov when he was touched by an opponent. And in theory there could be a goal. Different interpretations of similar episodes.