March 27, 2023

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“I pay the price for my truth and position.” Why Gael Ondua won’t play for Hannover again

Higuain explained how his roles in Madrid, Sarri’s Napoli and Allegri’s Juve differed. Gonzalo’s answer made the interlocutors laugh

Higuain explained how his roles in Madrid, Sarri’s Napoli and Allegri’s Juve differed. Gonzalo’s answer made the interlocutors laugh

A column about how life has changed since the World Cup. And how not to lose motivation.  

Friends, hello everyone! I hope you are all well and positive.

Haven’t talked to you in a while and miss you a lot. During this time, I managed to give a big interview to , went with the Cameroon national team to the World Cup – where I experienced incredible emotions from the game, the atmosphere and your support, unexpectedly met Neymar and gained invaluable football experience. Then I rested in Moscow, met with my friends from the Commentary Show and tuned in for the second half of the season.

Moreover, you – friends, subscribers, fans – wrote me a lot of nice words. We wished good luck in Hannover and that our team would definitely rise to the first Bundesliga and have a very successful segment. I also wanted this, but after the World Cup I did not play a single official match for the club. My football life has changed dramatically, and for several months now I have been exclusively training, keeping fit at the club, but, unfortunately, cut off from the most important and most beloved – playing football.

Why am I writing this column? Because you regularly ask me: “Gael, where are you? Why out of application? Why are not you playing?”. At some point, it became difficult for me to ignore these requests – and I decided to speak out.

In short, in the club, with which I have a contract until the end of the season, they no longer count on me. Despite the experience of playing at the World Cup. Despite the disqualification of the defensive midfielder. Despite the fact that the defenders are forced to move into the center of the field. Despite a series of defeats in the last rounds. There is not the slightest chance that I will enter the field this season.

I think you understand the reasons. Everyone saw what happened after the World Cup. With me – a football player who is listed in the club as a Russian citizen. And who believes that a person should always have his own truth and his own position. And right now I’m paying the price for it.

If you just wanted to know where I’ve gone, that’s all

And now I’ll tell you what it’s like to be a footballer – but not to play. Perhaps this text will be useful to representatives of other sports. Or just those who are in a similar situation.

So. When you have chosen your favorite business, then you need to go to the very end. Despite everything. No matter what happens. There will definitely be difficulties and troubles, but the main thing is faith in yourself and your strengths. As well as having your own opinion. I made my choice and I’m going to the end. I know it won’t be easy. And also – that you can not give up under any circumstances. You always have to try.


Right now, I am training with the Hannover team, going to theory classes with the team, analyzing opponents on video, participating in double-sided matches and working in the gym. Everything is the same – what I described in a large column about the life of German football. I’m a team player, I have a valid contract. Although, of course, all this comes with reservations. Either they want to let me down to the second team (and this is prohibited under my contract), or they release me from part of the classes. Once they left one in the locker room at all … And this is not a figure of speech. But let’s talk about the good, about sports anger and motivation.

So. I have my own motivation. Since I’m not allowed to play, I have to work harder and better than others. And why hide – nothing, not a single exercise will replace full-fledged football matches. But I try my best. And I do not relax under any circumstances – because I respect my profession and have been used to working since childhood.

I don’t like to focus on my problems. And if I am strongly obsessed with them, then I will start to worry. And then my training will become less quality. Just what I don’t need. Yes, the training lasts two hours. But I have to make the most of those two hours. My problems will not disappear during this time, but .. I’m doing my favorite thing and I have to abstract from everything.

In addition to working with partners on the field, I additionally work out in the gym, I ask for help from our physical training coach, who draws up a program for me and adapts the loads for me.

How not to break? My family helps me. Agent. Friends. Faith and prayers. As well as teammates who are naturally surprised, but remain great teammates. Our friendship will not be spoiled by any circumstances. Plus, I have a lot of positivity inside of me. And even in such a situation, I look for positive moments.