March 27, 2023

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In 6 series of the Gagarin Cup again a draw! CSKA scored 9 to three Severstal goalkeepers, and Torpedo scored in overtime

“When Stevie Met Salah”: Liverpool presented a new show on club TV, hosted by Gerrard and Salah

“When Stevie Met Salah”: Liverpool presented a new show on club TV, hosted by Gerrard and Salah

Not hot, but hot!

Hello! Do you believe in our hockey, the Continental League?

If not, then it’s time to start already, because the Gagarin Cup-2023 breaks all records for intrigue and entertainment ( and the first round also for duration ). In all series, 4 matches have been played – and none has ended yet! Moreover, in six of them there will definitely be at least six matches.

And the confrontation between Avangard and Sibir and Lokomotiv and Vityaz, to be honest, is also a big question – it’s not worth swearing that everything will not return to a draw there.

The festive day presented several bright stories that we have all collected in one place to make it more convenient for you.

Avangard hid again – and became the second club with three victories

The fourth match between Novosibirsk and Omsk at first was very reminiscent of the last one: Avangard took the lead, settled in its zone, played second, fought back at times, and then converted rare chances and finished off the opponent. If on Monday it took 12 shots on target to win, now a little more – 15.

The killer instinct finally woke up in Omsk – they bring every opponent’s mistake to the goal. Sergey Tolchinsky is especially successful, who already has 4 goals in 4 matches.

But over time it became clear that this is not a copy of the last game. Yes, Sibir made 44 shots during the evening – even more than on Monday, only there is nothing to remember from them, except for a single goal. At times, even Vasily Demchenko played uncertainly and released the puck, but Novosibirsk could not finish it off. And the pressure in the foreign zone was no longer the same: Avangard allowed entry, but did not allow getting out on a nickel, blocking the view, and generally cleaning everything up.

Sibir seems to be tired – both physically and mentally: it’s hard to fight with the same vigor when you have 81 shots on target in two matches, while the opponent has only 27 and at the same time has two wins. Avangard, on the contrary, improves the game with the second number. Almost brought to a shine.

I wonder how he will play against a more serious opponent in this format. Although, of course, first you have to complete this series.