March 22, 2023

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In Perm, they came up with a great entertainment. Parma fans sing a song from Titanic in karaoke

Anyone remember the lyrics to the song from Titanic? What if you sing?

The viral video from the basketball game has already collected 10 million views , and everything is perfect in it. Even the fact that he has nothing to do with Russian basketball. Even English tutors are touched, who understand that Russia can no longer be understood with the mind.

It’s no secret that Perm is one of the most basketball cities in Russia (if not the most basketball one). At the beginning of the 2000s, Ural Great was noisy throughout the country, the Russian national team played here regularly, and now the growing popularity of Parma is gaining full houses.

Parma is the leader in terms of attendance: on average, almost 5.5 thousand spectators come to basketball in Perm this season, and the club has repeatedly announced a sold-out the day before the match. There is a feeling that if the local arena “Hammer” could accommodate not 7 thousand, but, for example, 15, then the sold-out would still take place.

But it’s one thing to assemble an arena, it’s quite another to revive it and make it make noise for 2 hours. There are often difficulties with this, and you don’t have to look far for examples: after the home defeat from Loko, Samara head coach Sergey Bazarevich went hard on the team’s fans.

“The first two quarters are like in a mortuary.” Sergei Bazarevich criticized the fans of “Samara”

But in Perm there are no problems with this – here they prepare for each match as if it were a separate event: they write the script, arrange a pre-match show with cover bands and, of course, entertain the audience during the game. One of the innovations is karaoke during match breaks. A song is turned on in the arena, subtitles appear on the cube – and instead of quietly waiting for the end of the timeout, the fans, along with Celine Dion, sing “may hart wil go he.”

What is the main feature of this karaoke? Subtitles for the English-language song are spelled out in Cyrillic – that’s it, the audience has no more reasons not to sing!

Andrey Vaskin , the chief inventor of Perm, from the Date Agency, says:

“The theme with karaoke was born after the song “Maxim” on football. We thought for a long time what could be such an anthem for basketball. We realized that there is no single song, and began to develop the idea of ​​karaoke. At first we took a very simple song , where in the verse you need to sing “na-na-na-na-na-na-na-na-na-na-na-na” – and the people didn’t take it out, because there were no words on the screen . So we took the song from Titanic, cut out the moment we wanted, added captions to the cube, did a test run with security guards and cleaners, and then ran it at the actual match.”

As you already understood, a special agency is engaged in organizing shows at Parma matches. For 7 years, event workers have accumulated enough solid cases, which I am not ashamed to talk about. In the Hammer, a children’s choir performed a cover of Ramstein, musicians were hung from the ceiling, they staged their ballet on the floor with children and their fathers, they spread a giant flag over the entire podium at a national team match …

“We don’t try things that other Russian clubs do. Of course, we are looking at something in the NBA. We have both a cosplay cam and a King Lion cam where you have to raise your child to the track from The Lion King. And in general, we try to surprise the audience with various activities – because the fans in Perm deserve it”– Andrey Vaskin continues.

One of the most incredible performances happened at the FIBA ​​Europe Cup game in November 2021. Andrey Dragunov, a well-known dancer, was invited to the match in Perm … who does not hear and dances, focusing on the vibrations from the speakers. The organizers rolled out a huge subwoofer to Andrey – and the dancer simply smashed the parquet.

The fact that this is happening in Perm should not be surprising. After all, it was here that in the late 90s, for the first time in Russia, Ural Great basketball games were no longer regarded solely as sporting events, and elements of the show began to be introduced. And one of the innovators was Sergey Kushchenko, now the president of the VTB United League:

“Karaoke videos started to be sent to me during the match, and then I saw it on social networks. I really liked it, and I was glad for my native Perm. Creativity goes on and on and on. This once again proves that a fan in Perm is ready to accept and promote all the ideas that are offered to him.”.