March 22, 2023

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Infantino is re-elected until at least 2027. There were no other candidates

Medvedev again grumbled at the courts, twisted his leg terribly – but he won! Already 17 wins in a row

Medvedev again grumbled at the courts, twisted his leg terribly – but he won! Already 17 wins in a row

So no vote.

Gianni Infantino will be FIFA president until 2027. He was re-elected to this post at the 73rd FIFA Congress in Rwanda and did not fight for him with anyone. Yes, a non-alternative candidate.

Infantino took over FIFA in 2016, and three years later he was re-elected without competitors. Now history has repeated itself. 

How the president is elected when there is no alternative: voting is not required

This was explained by FIFA Vice President, head of the Asian Football Confederation Salman bin Ibrahim Al Khalifa. He confirmed that only one person put forward the candidacy – Infantino. “According to Articles 3 and 32, Congress may decide to elect a president without a vote if one candidate is proposed, doing so by the unanimous approval of all those present,” he noted and offered to support Infantino.

The delegates greeted him with applause. In fact, this is how the elections took place. RFU Secretary General Maxim Mitrofanov was present in Rwanda from Russia.

Usually, 211 votes are cast in elections from all national associations: 55 from Europe, 54 from Africa, 46 from Asia, 35 from North America, 11 from Oceania and 10 from South America.

Who was against Infantino: Scandinavians and Germany

Several countries were reluctant to support the incumbent’s candidacy.

• For example, Germany. The president of the German Football Association (DFB), Bernd Neuendorf, said: “The DFB will not support the re-election of Infantino.” Reason: “Over the past few weeks, we have received little or no information from FIFA on various issues. FIFA must become a much more open and transparent organization in its relations with national associations.”

Bernd Neuendorf

• Denmark also against Infantino. President of the Danish Football Federation (DBU) Jesper Meller spoke about this at the end of November last year. The Danes have criticized FIFA’s policies amid labor violations among migrants and a ban on OneLove headbands at the 2022 World Cup.

• Solidarity and the president of the Norwegian Football Association Lisa Claveness. She has many complaints about Infantino: not taking reforms seriously enough, interfering with associations, forcing decisions without consultation, and even flirting with politicians too much.