March 27, 2023

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Insanely many heroes of the RPL tour: newcomer and no-name scored like Promes with Malcolm

How Medvedev doesn’t like the courts in Indian Wells! Said the organizers were lying and threatened to slowly go to the toilet

How Medvedev doesn’t like the courts in Indian Wells! Said the organizers were lying and threatened to slowly go to the toilet

The spring World RPL is accelerating, and we are studying the fantasy team of the 19th round – an extremely productive round. 

What should not be forgotten:

• roster – the best you could get on the tour if you assemble a team according to fantasy rules (total cost – 100, maximum two from one club, if points are equal, the cheaper one passes).

• this is not a team of one of the real players, and even more so not the editorial team

• the players in the picture are not arranged as in a tactical scheme, but simply divided by position: into defenders-midfielders-forwards. If you look closely, you can see that this is alphabetical order from left to right.

• We count points without taking into account the captain – because captaincy is already a superstructure, doubling up would prevent us from clearly comparing tours and fantasy heroes.

⭐️ Malcolm again : the midfielder of Zenit has already scored four goals in two rounds in the spring! Khimki’s brace also brought 13 fantasy points.

⭐️ Butta Magomedov is an unexpected hero of the tour. The Khimki midfielder brought the team back into the game with Zenit with his double – and although this did not help to secure team points, the guy brought 13 in fantasy – to those 0.13% of managers who believed in him!

⭐️ Quincy Promes is back! The leader of Spartak joined the extravaganza of duplicates on the RPL tour. Despite the missed training camp, he is in half of the fantasy teams – and now it’s definitely not in vain.

⭐️ Willian Rocha is the ideal defender for fantasy. Full match, clean sheet and goal, 12 points in total. This season it is generally difficult to guess with the defenders, but here is such a gift.

⭐️ Krasnodar’s newcomer Kadi immediately shows that it’s time to consider not only Spertsyan from this team. Double is the best argument.

⭐️ Maxim Osipenko  is also among the main characters of the tour, now he is a defender-penalty taker – it was he who was entrusted with a 11-meter at the very end, he realized, brought Rostov a victory, together with an assist scored 11 points even with missed ones, which means 18% of fantasy players are happy.