March 26, 2023

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“It’s terrible, we played like in a water park.” The Super Bowl lawn pissed everyone off – what’s wrong

Super Bowl Prep: Top Teams of the Season (Rare), Kelsey Brothers Battle, and Rihanna’s Performance

Super Bowl Prep: Top Teams of the Season (Rare), Kelsey Brothers Battle, and Rihanna’s Performance

“Players were furious about changing boots, but skates seem to be the best fit.”

So begins a Super Bowl report in the New York Post. Indeed, from the first minutes it was hard not to notice that something was wrong with the field. Absolutely everything fell and slid: when performing strikes, at speed, just out of the blue.

The weather is not to blame – the lawn was dry.

The players are furious, this has never happened before at the Super Bowl.

Hasson Reddick of the Philadelphia Eagles: I’m not lying if I say this is the worst field I’ve ever played. The NFL should be ashamed. Maybe the League will look at this and deal with one of their employees.

“Terrible,” teammate Jordan Malata agrees. “It was like we were playing in a water park.

Even the winner, Frank Clark of the Kansas City Chiefs, is dissatisfied: “It looked like patches had been put on the field.We have four guys changed spikes or used tape during the break. We tried to come up with something, but it was useless. AtWe’ve had problems with that before in Arizona.”


Social networks are ablaze with indignation – this wave even united the fans of both teams.


Especially warming is the fact that the construction of the lawn in Arizona cost 800 thousand dollars. The figure is big, but not dizzying: in Russia, a heated field will cost about 300 thousand, but in the USA there are stadiums where the cost of coverage exceeds a million.

New turf in Arizona laid two weeks before the Super Bowl game. What is wrong with him?

Grass laid out on the lawn like pizza in the microwave

It seemed to many that the lawn was artificial, but this is not true.

In fact, grass for him began to be grown on one of the local farms back in May 2021. They even brought out a special mix called Tahoma 21 Bermudagrass: Bermuda grass base, and rye grains on top. In total, more than 600 rolls were prepared, each about 12 meters in length.

A month ago, this wealth was delivered to the stadium. There, about 30 people loaded it onto a special tray on wheels, and from it the grass was lowered onto the field – like a slice of pizza in a microwave. The only problem is that the pizza doesn’t seem to work.

There is, however, a version that the problem is not in the grass, but in the paint.Former Chiefs player Scott Pioli noticed that most of the falls were on parts of the field that were covered in paint. On replays, it seems that this is true.

“Why draw an emblem on the field, if you can use computer graphics,” the fans were perplexed. However, it covered a significant part of the lawn.

And this always happens: there are even special people who reproduce the drawing at different stadiums from year to year. This is a special art: apply 4 layers in such a way that the image is clear, does not damage the quality of the lawn and does not wear out prematurely. This time it took 360 gallons of paint.