March 22, 2023

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Johannes Bo is still a man: he suffocated in the last World Cup race, but set a record

A terrible injury to Neymar after a goal and an assist. Ankle again

A terrible injury to Neymar after a goal and an assist. Ankle again

The Biathlon World Championship finished in Oberhof  – the Norwegian Johannes Bo did not win on the last day (took bronze), but globally this did not spoil his great tournament.

• The championship for Johannes is truly a record – the maximum possible 7 awards, 5 gold, wins in three of the four individual races.

Prior to this, the best World Cup for Bo was the 2019 tournament in Östersund – where he took 4 gold and silver.

In general, Johannes’ career at the world championships is unique – he played at seven tournaments and won medals at all, 6 of them – at least one gold. Only at the 2017 World Cup in Hochfilzen, the Norwegian did not win even once, but he took three silver medals.

No one before the younger Bo had collected so many medals at one world championship. Frenchman Martin Fourcade won 5 awards at the 2016 World Cup (4-1-0) – however, then there was no single mixed in the program.

Ole Einar Bjoerndalen also has a maximum of 5 medals at one World Cup, like Rafael Poiret in 2004 (but then the program consisted of five races).

Everyone knows that Johannes Bo is great, but not everyone knows why. Here is the explanation point by point

• In terms of World Championship wins, Johannes is close to Bjoerndalen and ahead of Fourcade. Ole and Marten are still ahead in personal gold, Johannes shares third place with Poiret.

In terms of the total number of World Cup medals, Bo is still far from Bjoerndalen: a gap of 14 awards is a distance of two of the same enchanting tournaments. If it doesn’t work out so great, then Johannes will have chances only in the Olympic cycle after the 2026 Games.

In terms of the number of victories in one season, Bo is still inferior to himself – 14 this year against a record 16 in the 2018/19 season. But there are still 7 individual World Cup races ahead – enough to update the record.

Above third place in the total number of races won in a career this year, Bo will not rise, even if he takes all the rest. Fourcade and Bjoerndalen are still in the lead, but it is rapidly shrinking.