March 26, 2023

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Jones lost only to a deaf fighter – with a scandal. White kicked the referee and wanted to cancel the result

Alonso’s teammate broke his arm two weeks before the first F1 race. A couple of bolts and patience – and he taxied one in the top 6

Alonso’s teammate broke his arm two weeks before the first F1 race. A couple of bolts and patience – and he taxied one in the top 6

“The fight was served by the most incompetent commission.”

Jon Jones is a great fighter: he cleared the light heavyweight division and is now a heavyweight champion. An ideal record was spoiled by a single defeat, a scandal.

What happened in 2009 when Jones lost to Matt Hamill?

Young Jones was on a winning streak and clearing the division. His opponent was a deaf wrestler who liked Dana White

Jones had 29 fights in his career and did not win only two. In 2017, he defeated Daniel Cormier for the second time, but failed the doping test – the fight was declared invalid. In 2009, there was a controversial loss to Matt Hamill.

The 22-year-old Jones got off to a solid start in the UFC, with nine straight wins (three in the UFC) and seven finishes. Hamill was 10 years older and got into the wrestling gym at an early age – thanks to his stepfather, who worked as a trainer. Hamill has won the NCAA Collegiate Wrestling Championship three times since 1997 despite being born deaf.

“Yes, I don’t fully hear the roar of the crowd, but I feel their emotions. I am not destined to hear all the sounds of the world, but I am happy that I am doing what I love, ”said Hamill.

Deafness did not prevent Hamill from getting into the UFC. In 2004, he took up MMA, and a year and a half later became a member of the reality show The Ultimate Fighter. Hamill won one fight, injured his leg and dropped out of the project. But like Dana White, who offered a contract.

Hamill came out on Jones with an 8-2 record. Then he lost to the tops – Michael Bisping and Rich Franklin (members of the UFC hall of fame). Of Jones, Hamill spoke carefully:

“John is a very serious opponent. He has a great strike, strong wrestling and almost no weak points. In a few years, he could be the most versatile fighter in the division.”

Jones beat Hamill in the cage, but lost by disqualification – due to chopping elbows, which are deadly

Jones destroyed Hamill, showing tactical and technical superiority. For two minutes he smashed his opponent with blows from a distance, then he entered the clinch, threw him on his back with a sweep and scored more than a minute in the stalls with his fists and elbows. During finishing, Jones broke Hamill’s nose and opened several cuts.

With 46 seconds remaining in the first round, referee Steve Mazagatti stopped the fight and gave Jones a warning for 12-6 elbow strikes, a prohibited action in MMA when the elbow strikes with a sharp part from top to bottom and forms a right angle. The reason for the ban is terrible damage: fractures of the orbital bones, spine (if hit on the back) and even death.

The referee took away a point from Jones and wanted to continue the fight. But the shocked Hamill could not – during the fall he dislocated his shoulder. Jones rejoiced in the victory too early. The commissioners of the NSAC (Nevada Athletic Commission) watched the video replay and admitted that Jones’ punches caused significant damage, after which the opponent could not continue the fight.

The result is disqualification and defeat. “Aside from a technical error, Jones just did his job – and did it well. John didn’t lose that fight and I didn’t win it. But there are certain rules,” Hamill said after the fight.