March 22, 2023

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Juve want to sell Vlahovic Something went wrong? How bad is it?

Kleshenok – about the Serbian striker .

A year ago, Vlahovic moved to Turin as one of the most effective strikers in the world. Agnelli paid 82 million euros. The Juventini (of those who had not yet lost faith in Allegri) hoped that the Serb would add the missing qualities.

But the miracle did not happen, and the fans were disappointed. Recently, fan site Ilbianconero launched a poll asking for the sale of an expensive asset. 69.2% of fans voted yes.

A year ago , we wrote that Vlahovich was overestimated . Now typhoseria has gone to the other extreme. Serbs are underestimated.

Vlahovich’s performance has halved, but he is not to blame

Dusan Vlahovic, 21, finished 2021 as the world’s seventh highest scorer at club level. He scored every 112 minutes and collected 35 goals in 46 matches in a year.

Vlahovic finished the last match of the year empty – and freaked out in the locker room. One goal was not enough for him to give the best result to Ronaldo in Serie A. Dusan did not want to be equal to him. Fiorentina defender Alexa Terzic said: “It is a pity that Vlaho did not achieve what he wanted. I told him that he would get even better and break the record next year; assured me that there was no reason to be annoyed. We comforted him with the whole team. He was worried.”

Acquaintance with the attacking genius of the Turin coach must have made Vlahovic nostalgic for those times. In 2022, he scored 18 goals in 39 matches and slipped into the third top ten scorers in the top leagues.

The most impatient recorded the transfer in failures. With Haaland gutting the Premier League and Osimhen scoring every game, the bigger-price Serb is chasing a 2-game-per-goal pace. But the criticism is unfair. Allegri forwards cannot be judged by the lucky ones from other clubs. It’s like waiting for a new car to repeat Hamilton’s time when a trucker is driving.

In this situation, there is only one relevant context – a comparison with Allegri’s previous finishers. There were four of them at Juventus: Alvaro Morata, Mario Mandzukic, Cristiano Ronaldo and Gonzalo Higuain.

Vlachowicz stays in the middle of the list. His 176 minutes per goal (19 goals in 43 matches) is third behind Higuain and Cristiano.

The alignment is preserved if we compare the forwards in the first 43 matches. For greater accuracy, let’s add a context – a share in team goals. This will show how effective Vlahovic is in a much more inert team.

From this angle, Vlahovych’s first year certainly doesn’t look like a failure. Juventus are less in possession, attack less and create less. It also hits a lot less. Since Mandzukic’s debut year, the average performance has dropped by about a quarter – from 1.98 to 1.44 goals (without penalties).

In some cases, this difference is caused by the quality of the finisher. To rule out such an explanation, let’s compare the activity of Juve in the attack – in terms of passes to the attacking third and passes to the penalty area from the field.