March 27, 2023

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Kyrie Irving asks for a trade from the Nets. Oh, so what this time

Yard gave Beterbiev a tough fight, but lost ahead of schedule. After such a heavy victory

Yard gave Beterbiev a tough fight, but lost ahead of schedule. After such a heavy victory

Don’t pretend to be surprised.

Both of these statements are true:

• Anyone wants to have a player like Kyrie Irving on the team.

• Nobody wants to have Kyrie Irving on the team.

Kyrie is one of the top talents of a generation, arguably the most technical basketball player in history, an NBA champion, and one of the most famous finals shooters. He will be 31 only in March – the ideal age for a modern athlete. This season, he was selected to start the NBA All-Star Game, becoming the first defenseman in the East in the voting of both fans and colleagues (journalists put him only in 4th place, but given Irving’s tense relations with the press, it is equivalent to 1 -mu). The knee problems that plagued Irving a few years ago have not shown up in the last two seasons.

But other problems emerged – and they are very well documented , but let’s talk about them again.Kyrie Irving had three teams in his career – with each he parted with a scandal.And if the demarche in Cleveland after the defeat in the finals could be explained by the “desire to forge their own legacy” without the overhanging shadow of LeBron, then the breakup of the engagement with Boston is still remembered to him.

When Irving teamed up with Durant in Brooklyn, Nets fans and neutral fans alike were excited about the duo’s prospects. Yes, it was necessary to wait a year until KD recovered from the Achilles rupture. And everyone was ready to wait while Kairi gains beautiful statistics alone, heals her own sores, rubs herself against new partners.

As a result, Irving himself missed almost the entire season, in February he went to the operation.

But things were going great the following year: Durant was back, Kyrie had the highest-scoring season of his career (with a special 50-40-90 shooting line), the pressure of organizing attacks was removed from him by the blockbuster exchange of James Harden. Before the playoffs, the Nets were called the main favorite, the bookmakers gave 5 to 2 that they would become champions.

But in the second round against the future champions, the Bucks, everything went wrong, including Kyrie himself missed the decisive games, and Durant wore the wrong size sneakers – and the super trio was left without a title.

There’s always a next season, is that what they say? In the forecasts for the 21/22 season, the Nets remained in the first lines, the bookmakers were confident that their chances were even higher than before the 2021 playoffs.

But Kairi flatly refused to get vaccinated against covid – and in New York, where the Nets are located, there were strict restrictions on the participation of athletes.Irving could not play at home, and the club took him out of the squad completely– Kairi did not take part in away games or in training. But Irving turned out to be more stubborn – in January he was returned to the team, because Durant and Harden had to put too much pressure on them. However, the defender only played on the road.