March 26, 2023

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Larsson’s dark year: Played for four clubs, rarely scored, pissed off more than one former team

100 million euros is too little for him.” Fans are delighted with Khwichi’s performance. His last assist is a fairy tale

100 million euros is too little for him.” Fans are delighted with Khwichi’s performance. His last assist is a fairy tale

It doesn’t add up without Spartak.

Jordan Larsson gave Spartak the top season 2020/21: he scored 15 goals in the RPL (only Azmun and Dziuba had more), and the club let only Zenit go ahead.

The price on Transfermarkt soared to 15 million euros, Wolfsburg offered ten, Spartak, according to Larsson, rejected offers. But after the departure of Domenico Tedesco, the Swede stopped scoring and assisting altogether, and then he also left as soon as the opportunity presented itself.

After that, the year didn’t work out at all.

When Larsson left Spartak, the club trolled him for a weak season

In early April 2022, Jordan took advantage of the FIFA rule, suspended the contract with Spartak and moved to the Swedish AIK. The tone of the quotes changed every month.

April : “Let’s see how things develop.”

Mai : “I don’t want to go back unless the situation changes.”

June : “I’m not obligated to return to Russia [until summer 2023], which is good.”

At the end of June, Spartak announced the termination of the contract with Larsson and finally trolled: he called him agent 007 (0 goals, 0 assists, 7 interviews).

In February 2023, commenting on his reasons for leaving, Larsson mentioned: “We didn’t know what was going to happen. We didn’t know if we could get out of there if something happened in Russia. I immediately wanted to leave, but the club said that we should stay. They said it was just a military operation.

The club said they wanted us to stay, but at the end of the day, you have to do what you want. And it was definitely the best decision for me and my family.”

Larsson played for four clubs in a year

How things have evolved since 2022:

• Played three matches for Spartak in the RPL, one more in the Cup, where he scored against Kuban.

• Two months in Swedish AIK – 3 goals and 3 assists. The club won 7 out of 11 matches with him, but Larsson wanted to get into the top league.

• In August, he chose Schalke, who had just returned to the Bundesliga. “Schalke have experienced an impressive development in recent months, which I have followed closely from afar,” said Larsson.

Result – 12 matches, only half at the start, 0 effective actions. Experience of participation in matches with defeats 1:6 (twice), 1:5. According to WhoScored, Larsson never shot and missed the target (10 shots), 9 of 13 dribbling attempts failed.

• In January 2023, Larsson was loaned to Copenhagen. In February, he already made his debut for the club, playing just over 20 minutes in the win against Silkeborg.

Spartak in his last season hung in the middle of the RPL table, AIK only got close to the top three in Sweden, Schalke did not crawl out from the very bottom. Now in Copenhagen you can compete for the championship – at least some variety in a year. True, the club is still six points away from the leader.

Larsson pissed off more than one former team

Acting sporting director of Schalke Peter Knebel criticized Larsson back in November: “In the matches in which he was replaced, he walked on foot. But we didn’t take it for that. He can’t or doesn’t want to? Is the problem in the muscles or in the head?

However, other players also got it – Schalke was too weak until they played four 0-0 draws in a row in the winter.