May 27, 2023

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Lewandowski’s transfer to Barça or Shcherbakova’s victory at the Olympics? Let’s choose the main sporting event of 2022!

High Angle View Of Various Sport Equipments On Green Grass

At the end of last year, we thought how cool it would be to recall the most striking sports (and not so) events of the year and sum up some results. So we launched the “Who of the Two” voting, in which we collected everything that impressed us in the world of sports in 2021, and invited users to choose the most important of them.

The project turned out to be so successful that it was decided to repeat it. Follow the link  and vote for the main sporting event of 2022: each time you need to choose from a random pair. Real Madrid winning the Champions League or Argentina winning the World Cup? Lewandowski to Barça or Haaland to Man City? You decide!

And in the comments here and on the landing page, share what sporting event you consider the most significant this year.