March 22, 2023

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Liverpool’s most consistent defensive line-up has played only 6 times in the Premier League. What’s with the competitors

Meshkov took a clean goal from Spartak. It overshadowed all other plots

Meshkov took a clean goal from Spartak. It overshadowed all other plots

The best are Arsenal and Newcastle.

On Friday, Jurgen Klopp confirmed that Joe Gomez would not have time to recover in time for the match against Man United. In this confusing season, the Englishman is 8th in terms of playing time in the Premier League and part of Liverpool’s most consistent defensive combination.

Four Trent – Gomez – Van Dijk – Robertson came out together at the start 6 times. Yes, this is only a quarter of all Premier League matches, but for such a season it is quite good.

Although in recent matches this is not the most popular combination of defense.

•‎ In this stretch, the most popular defensive four (Trent – Matip – Van Dijk – Robertson) played together only three times. Critically low.

•‎ In the last 5 games in all competitions, the centre-back pairing has only been repeated once, with Van Dijk and Gomez coming together against Real Madrid and Newcastle. Against United there will be a different pairing for sure.

But the most popular variations in the top 6 of the Premier League – Liverpool are not so bad. Calculations before starting on the weekend of the 26th round.

• Liverpool’s second most popular four (Robertson-Van Dijk-Matip-Trent) have made four Premier League appearances together. All other variations – no more than two.

• United’s quad is even less consistent, but mainly due to full-back rotations, with Martinez and Varane appearing together in 12 games.

• The teams that conceded the least (Arsenal and Newcastle) were the least likely to change defensively.

• Pep’s experimentation with formations (played with four and three central) and selling to Cancel gave 18 different combinations in defense!

• Tottenham have conceded the most not only in the top 6, but in the top 10 in general! Therefore, such constant changes are not surprising.