June 9, 2023

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Maximum respect to Nuri Shahin He defended the referee from his (!) players

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Now coaching Antalyaspor.

Antalyaspor, under the leadership of Nuri Sahin, is a little depressed – this season they are close to relegation (15th place). But the head coach is still praised – at least for the episode where he defends the referee from his (!) Players.

It seems that only Shahin saved the referee: the team was angry, and the club called him a rookie

Fenerbahce beat Antalyaspor 2-1 thanks to Misha Batshuayi’s double. And against the backdrop of a sad result, the Shahin gang boiled up: the players wanted to pounce on the referee because of several controversial decisions.

Especially seethed in the 8th minute of added time: the former Spartak midfielder Fernando seemed to equalize, but VAR saw an offside position and the goal was canceled. Furious players immediately ran to the referee with questions – but the coach suddenly appeared in front of them. Shahin stood near Kadir Saglam, preventing his players from reaching the refereeing team.

Ex-Liverpool midfielder Nuri Sahin is forced to PROTECT the referee from his OWN Antalyaspor players |  Daily Mail Online

In this game, Antalyaspor grabbed four yellow cards and one red – after the whistle, Alfons Grunendijk, Sahin’s assistant, received it.

Antalyaspor manager Sahin, who used to play for Liverpool, leapt to the referee's defense

In social networks, the head coach is praised, but the conflict has not subsided yet. Antalyaspor released a statement called “The Dark Knight”. Saglam was considered a rookie referee, the club asks to publish the negotiations on the VAR.

“We knew Kadir Saglam before. In the match with Kasimpasa, which we played in the fifth round, he was the one who did not give a red card to Larsson (this is the Antalyaspor striker – Sports.ru), but invented a penalty and an out – after that he was suspended for 4 weeks. We said we don’t need rookie referees,” part of the club’s statement.

But Shahin already had coaching experience – in the fifth German division

In the summer of 2015, Nuri saved his native Meinerzhagen (a club from the city of the same name, 60 km from Dortmund) from another relegation, helped him with money and entered the coaching staff, where his brother Ufuk was in charge.

It is clear that due to being busy at his main job, Nuri appeared at matches and training sessions on average 2-3 times a month, but he constantly helped with advice and consulted a lot on the phone. And if Nuri was out for a long time due to an injury (as in the first half of the 15/16 season), then he would come to his small homeland for rehabilitation and then he was already more closely involved in the team.

Shahin’s former partner Roman Weidenfeller is sure that Nuri has everything to become a great coach: “On the field, he thought like a strategist and led the team behind him. Plus, he learned a lot from Klopp, Tuchel and other great coaches with whom he worked together. I think he will succeed.”

In Antalyaspor, Sahin was given a 5-year contract – this is a rarity, but club president Aziz Chatin believes in Shahin. “We want to give Nuri time to put together a team,” Chatin explained in an interview with Haber Global.

Shahin during the last season turned from a player into a coach and in 15 rounds he raised the team from the relegation zone almost to the European Cups (7th place). True, this season they play worse: they have already scored 3 defeats in a row.

Just a reminder: Shahin is now 34 years old, and the defender of his team, Fedor Kudryashov, is 35. Fedor used to be a solid starter, but in recent matches he sometimes sits on the bench.

Antalyaspor is a typical mid-range player with ambitions. In 2015, they marked their return to the Super League with the transfer of Samuel Eto’o, for whom they sent a private jet to Italy to sign a contract. The Cameroonian was the team’s top scorer twice in a row.

They also brought other stars at the end of their careers – Lukas Podolsky, Samir Nasri, Milan Baros (negotiated with Pirlo and Ronaldinho). Recently, they live within their means and do not buy too expensive players.