March 26, 2023

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Mbappe is the best scorer in the history of PSG. Scored Nantes’ 201st goal and overtook Cavani

At 24 years old.

Kylian Mbappe rewrites French football records. On Saturday, he became PSG’s all-time leading scorer. At 24 years old.

The striker scored against Nantes in the 26th round of Ligue 1 – this goal was Kilian’s 201st for the capital club. He passed Edinson Cavani, who had 200 balls.

“Nantes” bounced back from 0:2. Mbappe scored a record only in the 87th minute

But the match with Nantes turned out to be unexpectedly fun. PSG crushed the guests and led 2-0 already by the 17th minute: the first scored Messi, the second was the defender Khadzham in his own net.

But Nantes equalized in the first half. The comeback began with Donnarumma, who missed a shot into the near corner. The second arrived after a corner. In general, Paris Saint-Germain concedes a lot in 2023 – this is already the 15th goal since the beginning of the year, the fifth worst result in Ligue 1. Only teams from the bottom half of the table have allowed more.

In the 60th minute, Danilo put Paris ahead again. Mbappe took part – the Portuguese scored with a header after a soft throw from Kilian.

After that, the Frenchman clearly began to chase the record. Already after 4 minutes, Mbappe was preparing to break the penalty awarded for the demolition of Mukiele. The stadium chanted Kilian’s last name, but the VAR canceled the penalty.

After that, he kissed from afar and executed a free kick – both times unsuccessfully. The historic event was expected until the 87th minute. Mbappe received the ball in the penalty area, turned the defender around and put it in the far corner – 4:2.

“In the last five minutes, I calmed down. I knew I was going to break the record and I didn’t want to force it,” Mbappé admitted. “It’s good that it did happen. Playing for this club is a privilege, here I have grown as a player and changed. If they told me that I would break the record with the captain’s armband on my arm, I would not believe it.

After the final whistle, PSG organized a whole ceremony dedicated to the record. Mbappe received the prize and gave a speech: “Last time I spoke here to announce that I am staying. To be the top scorer in the history of the best club in France is a huge honor!”

Then Kilian was photographed with the team (Neymar came out on crutches) and made a lap of honor around the stadium.

Historical event – historical surroundings.

Mbappe has no competitors. Only Zlatan is so far cooler (on one indicator)

And now let’s look at the top scorers of PSG. There is a whole company of stars that Mbappe has bypassed.

⚽️ Mbappe is Paris Saint-Germain’s top scorer in the Champions League and Coupe de France. Cavani is still the best in the French championship, but only 2 goals separate Kilian from this achievement.

⚽️ Half of the top ten have already been occupied by the stars of the era of sheikhs, but there are enough stars of the past. The same Pedro Pauleta beat goals for not the strongest PSG of the 2000s. Dominique Roshteau and Safet Susic took titles back in the 1980s, Rai was a star in the 90s, and Carlos Bianchi came in for two seasons back in the second half of the 1970s.

⚽️ In PSG’s top 100 top scorers, only 1 player spent less time on a goal than Mbappe. We are talking about Zlatan – on average, the Swede scored every 97 minutes. However, Mbappe now spends 98 minutes on a goal, but just a couple of super-scoring matches before the end of the season can put him in first place in this indicator.

⚽️ Another guarantee of Mbappe’s rate of fire is excellent health. Neymar moved to Paris at the same time as Kylian but played 74 fewer matches. While the Brazilian was recovering from injuries and celebrating his sister’s birthdays, Mbappe was systematically moving towards the record.

⚽️ In the historical top scorers of the French Championship, Mbappe is in 18th place with 153 goals. It seems low, but you have to take into account the context: in the top 20, only Kilian played in Ligue 1 in the 21st century.

Above the top scorer in the history of PSG, only the stars of the distant past, the closest in time to Kylian among them is Jean-Pierre Papin, who played the last match in Ligue 1 in 1998 before Mbappe was born. Only 3 goals behind.

In the first place is the Argentinean Delio Onnis, who scored 299 goals in 15 years in Reims, Monaco, Tour and Toulon.

If Mbappe really stays at Paris Saint-Germain for a long time and does without serious injuries, he will surely surpass Papin, and Fontaine, and Delio Onnis. There are fewer and fewer unconquered records for Kilian in France.