March 27, 2023

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Medvedev is the champion again! Won in Rotterdam, passed Safin and returned to the top 10

A terrible injury to Neymar after a goal and an assist. Ankle again

A terrible injury to Neymar after a goal and an assist. Ankle again

There is a chance to climb even higher.

Daniil Medvedev is the champion of the tournament in Rotterdam. In the final, the Russian beat the 14th racket of the world Yannick Sinner – 5:7, 6:2, 6:2.

Daniil, who turned 27 before the start of the tournament, took the 16th title in his career and bypassed Marat Safin in this indicator. Now in the history of Russian tennis there are only two more titled players – Nikolai Davydenko (21) and Yevgeny Kafelnikov (26).

And this title brought Medvedev to the eighth line of the rating. So he spent only three weeks outside the top 10.


The final against Sinner was tough. Medvedev had to work very hard physically to neutralize the Italian.

Yannick was trying to solve one problem throughout the match – to find a sharp enough angle in the exchanges from the back line to knock Medvedev out of position and go on the attack. Here is an example.

He pressed under the left, found a corner, knocked out a relatively comfortable ball and moved it along the line. And then Medvedev almost stole the draw – a drop did not hit the line.

In the first set, he had two games at once at the reception, when it all worked out at an outstanding level. And in general, he looked very good in these patient attacks, when it was necessary to open Daniel slowly and methodically.

And since the second set, the situation has changed. On the one hand, Sinner is clearly tired – both physically and psychologically. There were more mistakes.

On the other hand, Medvedev also added. It became even more difficult to break through him, and his defensive strikes became more inconvenient, more often allowing him to seize the initiative. All this also forced Yannick to rush and make mistakes.

Daniil’s fans should also be pleased that in neutral situations he himself tried to seize the initiative, and did not wait for the opponent to start doing something in order to react to it later. Over the past year, it was Medvedev who often lacked initiative.